Connection Through ESP vs. USP

If you’re an entrepreneur, you are probably know your USP –


Why is a USP important?  It’s because it’s where it all starts.  It’s your first point of response when someone asks you “What do you do?”  It’s essentially your “elevator pitch”.

Simply put, it’s what separates you from the rest of the people offering the same product or service.  I was having a conversation with my client and good friend LaNelle Schwab of The LaNelle Connection on the titles that we put on ourselves.  When LaNelle said she wants to be known as a Social Media Marketing Expert, I told her there’s nothing wrong with that, except that most people I know who are familiar with Facebook and Twitter, all of a sudden becomes a self-proclaimed “Social Media Expert”.

Emma Tiebens and LaNelle Schwab

I honor those who have truly taken the time to become Social Media Experts, as well as those who are just starting out but made a commitment to step up to that role, and monetize something  they love and help others.  However, knowing LaNelle, I told her that she is so much more than just knowing how to post on Facebook and how to tag people on posts, photos and videos and more than editing and posting videos on YouTube.

I asked her, “LaNelle… what is your Unique Selling Proposition?  What it is that makes you stand out more than other social media experts?”  And she said “I love to interview people through video.  I love showcasing their passion in a very energizing way and being able to connect them with others who are in the same alignment with them, for potential collaboration! I love seeing people shine and speak in their own events which I’ll help them produce!”

Her immediate response right there, is not her USP but her ESP…


LaNelle’s USP is: Using the power of video interviews and social media to position entrepreneurs for collaboration opportunities.

LaNelle’s ESP is: To enable entrepreneurs to have a platform using video interviews and specific social media marketing strategies to position them as experts and help them take the passion for what they do to even bigger and profitable possibilities!

You see, it’s no longer enough just to be unique… we now have to infuse our emotion into what it is that we’re offering – product, system or service.  Why?  It’s because people connect with people first.  That’s precisely what I’ve been talking about as far as being able to “Connect At The Heart”. When we put great heart and emotion in what we do, it resonates so loudly that people who come in contact with us couldn’t help but get drawn and intrigued with what it is that we do because of that emotional connection.  LaNelle is masterful at this so please check out LaNelle Connection’s Facebook Page and “Like” her page and you’ll see why I celebrate her!  Friend her on Facebook too.  Your life will be better for it because she absolutely supports and operates from the heart!

I love LaNelle… and like all my V.I.P Clients, I created a very special piece of jewelry for her which I sent to her and caught her by surprise! She was most appreciative and blasted this photo all over cyberspace!

LaNelle Schwab with her Bella Gemma Jewelry

That’s LaNelle Schwab… connect with her in and around social media and you’ll see what I mean.

What’s my Unique Selling Proposition and my Emotional Selling Proposition?

USP: Relational Marketing – enabling you to leverage technology to create a brand that is Visible, Influential and Profitable to help you connect with people you wouldn’t have been able to reach before.

ESP:  Relational Marketing – enabling you to simplify and demystify online marketing so you can go from an Invisible Best Kept Secret to an Invisible Trusted Authority because the heart of marketing is marketing from the heart.

Go ahead and try to create your own USP and ESP… make it fun and discover possibilities!   Please leave a Comment and Share this post if you found it helpful.  Until we connect…

Cheering You On To Your Success!

Emma 😉

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One thought on “Connection Through ESP vs. USP

  1. My Dearest Emma,

    You are so brilliant and always heart-warming! Thank you for celebrating me and all that WE do to have me come all the way….right here, right now. And true enough, I remember the first time we met online more than a year ago, how we connected with authentic intentions and desires…. two people in alignment, and the moment we connected we both became Unstoppable!! we are both living proofs that we “walk the talk”. So, for my USP, my U means Unstoppable ! and for my ESP, my E stands for Energetic, as we always have been filling each other’s space only with positive energy vibration, that’s why the ideas flow so smoothly.

    You are so masterful at putting two and two together…where I on the other hand always love to implement. Indeed, the success of any coaching system doesn’t rest on the mentor’s hands alone…it needs a great deal of reciprocation… but greatly depends on the mentee’s openness to receiving, for the most part. We are all work in-progress.

    I admire your unfaltering determination to encourage, empower and engage your clients towards clarity, connection and conversion…the salient elements of your 5 Paths to Profit – a priceless relational marketing blueprint live by if an entrepreneut is serious at achieving all possibilities to convert his/her passion. The parallelism between The LaNelle Connection and The Relational Marketer is a great way to demonstrate to every entrepreneur how your coaching program can be so in alignment with their business goals as you are a go-to authority in helping clients to be clear in their mission/vision statements. And once a client steps into clarity, then he/she can start identifying the strategies which would best launch their actions towards achieving key result areas.

    I can say these because they happened to me while I was being coached by you, Emma. You helped me get clear and become visible so I was able to connect the dots, toe the line, and figure out my own strategy mix. And I firmly believe we all need a coach, because we will not be able to see our own eyebrows all by ourselves unless we face a mirror…and that mirror is always a trusted advisor, like You Emma!

    Hugs of Gratitude to my ESP mentor,