Use Your Personal Magnetism

Week 11: A Year of Growing Rich by Napoleon Hill

“Personal magnetism is revealed mainly through your voice, eyes and hands – the principal means we have of communicating with others… You can put this same power to work for you if you learn to exude self-confidence, spiritual strength and authority… Turn on your personal magnetism – see what it can do for you!”   – Napoleon Hill

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a student of Napoleon Hill ever since I bought a copy of “Think and Grow Rich” in 1991 and since then I have read almost all of his books and I continue to refer back to them as I up-level in my life and business.

For the past decade, I have been quite privileged to meet so many incredible people – celebrities, leaders, company founders, high level C-suite executives,  multi-millionaires and billionaires – and there is one thing they have in common —


From my own observation, most if not all of these people have the unique ability to:

  1. Attract attention
  2. Stand out from the crowd
  3. Command silent respect
  4. Exude a high level of confidence
  5. Effectively communicate
  6. Look someone in the eye without making them feel intimidated
  7. Make the other person feel important
  8. Create a genuine connection even for a brief moment
  9. Persuade and influence people
  10. Have people feel great about the interaction and rave about them long after

We all possess this “Magnetism” which is what Napoleon Hill calls, “biological inheritance that determines the amount of emotional feeling – such as enthusiasm, love and joy – that we are capable of generating and applying in our own words and deeds.”  In his book “A Year of Growing Rich”, Week 11, he went on to say, “We can’t increase the quality or quantity of this inheritance but we can organize it and direct it to help us attain any desired aim.  And those of us who learn to do so often become the leaders, the builders, the doers and the pioneers who help to advance our civilization.”

An interesting point worth noting that magnetism can be turned on and off and it can be used for good to build-up and create or for evil, to tear down and destruct.  He has a warning for all of us to be wary and cognizant on who we’re dealing with on a consistent basis.  He further mentioned, “An outstanding example is the Reverend Billy Graham draws souls to the Creator by a mere gesture, his expressive eyes and or through a melodiously voiced phrase, so did Hitler, Mussolini and many other unsavory characters throughout history.” 

We have all experienced being around magnetic people and have been mesmerized, and in some cases hypnotized by this invisible power.  Even as a child, I have been told many times that I possess a very unique magnetic personality.  I was voted, “Most Cheerful” and “Most Friendly” by my fellow Girl Scouts when I was 9 years old before I could even understand why I deserved that title.  I was simply being myself and having fun.  Looking back, I realized that what I had then was genuinely caring for people around me, striking up conversations with them and being sensitive to their presence.

Years later, after having coached, mentored and interviewed many successful and highly magnetic individuals, here are some tips on

“How To Cultivate and Use Your Personal Magnetism”

  1. Be intentional about it – know that you are like a magnet – always sending out signals and they can be positive or negative.   Choose having a PMA – Positive Mental Attitude at all times.
  2. Whether you’re engaging in social media or you’re out networking or just going about your day, your feelings, tone of voice and demeanor have a lot to do with who and what you attract to you.
  3. Increase your knowledge of self to help boost your self-confidence.  Being around people or showing up online stirs up feelings of vulnerability and it doesn’t feel normal for more people.  It starts with awareness of your strengths and confidently presenting that without coming out boastful or arrogant.
  4. Be aware and tap into your inner spiritual power – the invisible power that supports you in every way.
  5. Modulate your voice – just be aware of the timbre of your voice.
  6. Learn to enunciate the words – when people are nervous, they tend to talk faster.  Know to slow down enough to be understood but not too slow to become boring.
  7. Read… read… read, implement, share what you learn then lead!  There’s a reason for the saying, “A leader is a reader.”  Magnetic people are natural leaders because people are drawn to them effortlessly.  Know how to nurture people who are giving you their trust by your knowledge of subjects that matter to you and to them.
  8. Have clarity of your life purpose – your mission, vision and values.  The clearer you are about these, the more confident you’ll be.
  9. C.A.R.E. – I wrote about this in my Amazon bestselling book, “Magnetic Memorable and Trusted” and I expand on this when I speak to groups.  In your dealings, be mindful of always having, Compassion, Appreciation/Acknowledgement, Reciprocity and Empathy.  This works wonders when you’re also out there engaging online in social media.
  10. Aim to make a difference on a regular basis.  It may be just putting a smile on someone’s face or just making them feel great about themselves.  There is nothing more magnetic than being able to lift-people up.

One secret to magnetism that Napoleon Hill spoke ever so strongly about was, “Refrain from using profanity.”

I can name a lot more ways to become more aware of your magnetism, nurture and harness this powerful energy and use is for good, whether it’s gaining your ideal clients, achieving that next level promotion, influencing people to agree to a common desired outcome and create a following of raving advocates.

I started with Week 11 of the 52 Week Series because this is the essence of my brand.  I look forward to sharing with you 51 more weeks of “A Year of Growing Rich”.  If you haven’t done so, scroll-up and leave your name and email so you will not miss this free weekly series.  My way of giving back by sharing with you my personal strategies that continue to help me achieve success with satisfaction and significance which has enables me to live life well-lived, with more choices –  fun, flow and freedom!

If you’re ready to jump-start your magnetism muscles and are ready to gain clarity of your mission, vision, message and how you can leverage your personal stories to create programs and offerings to monetize and make a difference, I invite you to a 1-on-1 “Unleash Your Magnetic Brand” Breakthrough Session with me at a highly reduced rate.  Click on the link below for more information.

Until we connect…

Here’s to Your Success with Satisfaction and Significance!


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