How to Turn Off Facebook Live Notifications

If you’ve been active on Facebook lately, you’ll notice that more and more people are doing Facebook Live… I personally have started doing them and I love seeing my friends do them too! It’s understandable that some people don’t want to be notified and many people have asked me if they have a choice on that, so I created this short tutorial video on “How To Turn Facebook Live Notification Off or On”.

I will be creating more of these mini-tutorial videos as I will be launching a new online course shortly so please stay tuned! If you have any questions about Facebook, social media, video marketing or email marketing, please ask away and I will give you a shout out on my video when I choose your question. For this video, shout out to my dear friend Ianthe Mauro of Objects With Purpose. Her Facebook Live happened to be on the top of my notifications so I used her as an example of how to turn it on 😉 As always, please feel free to Like, Comment and Share!

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