TRANSFORMATION… Painful Yet Promising

As many of you know, I am going through major transformation in my life at the moment… There is so much happening in my personal life at the moment that is challenging yet is absolutely strengthening my faith in God and validating my priorities on where my “treasures” really lie.  I feel like a caterpillar inside a cocoon that is breaking through but I feel so uncomfortable and scared leaving what has been comfortable for the past season of my life.  Breaking through takes strength, tenacity and holding on to the promise that I will grow my wings and start soaring!

Everyday, I look at this key chain that my beloved Mentor, Joel Bauer gave me as a gift a couple of months ago.  It’s an absolutely gorgeous and thoughtful gift – a filigreed silver butterfly with simulated diamonds all around!  When he gave this to me, I remember what he said “This is a symbol of your TRANSFORMATION…”  I took that to heart.  I know that with his mentorship, I will transform not just my life,  my family’s life but many other entrepreneurs’ lives.  I know and believe that I am going through major transformation because I am finally looking at everything I have done in the past 2 years and have started to weed out UNPRODUCTIVE THINGS, ACTIVITIES AND YES, EVEN RELATIONSHIPS.

Why?  It’s because:

1) I believe in God’s higher purpose for my life,

2) I am committed to creating, living and leaving a legacy for my family

3) I believe in my Mentors and their desire to see me succeed.

4) I have a responsibility to my Coaching Clients to equip them for success

5) I understand that for me to succeed massively, I NEED INCREDIBLE FOCUS.

I don’t know about you but I haven’t been a very diligent “student”.  I have had prior unfinished commitments to people, communities and to myself that I need to finish prior to putting all my efforts in just ONE thing.  I have always believed that everything I do or learn was somewhat interrelated so I chose to be “scattered” and DO IT ALL!  I have learned a lesson and am now making a conscious decision to re-analyze my strategies.

I’ve heard time and time again that “Only focused laser light can produce a flame….”  Every time I get distracted, I remember this yet I couldn’t resist the implementation of what I have already previously committed to not to mention what I feel I am lacking at the moment that I need to learn and implement, taking me further away from simply using what I already know!

In the past few days, I had to re-analyze the activities I’ve been doing in the past 2 years and really identify which of them bring the best value… Value to my family, my self, my clients and everyone who has allowed me to share some of my life’s wisdom and experiences to them.

Transformation is never simple… it is rather uncomfortable, painful and seems complicated for the moment…

However, what lies ahead is bliss, clarity, peace, success…. if only for a moment until the need for the next transformation happens…

I thank my wonderful Mentor and friends for their kind words at this time of “metamorphosis”:  Joel Bauer, Jorge Bueno, Mary Anne Morcos, Jerry Chen, George Fourie, Stevi Sullivan, Mike Klingler, Ann Sieg, Eric Walker, DiDi Alcheva, Tracy Repchuk, Moriah Diamond, Lisa Holcomb, Amy Schuber, Javier Rivero-Diaz, Sherrie Rose, Ramiro Damil, Tony Echevarry, Mirna Bard, Irene Denver, Lisa Hunter-Pompa, Elsa Yambao, Margareta Roszonday-Hien, John Wannop, Barb Farrel Axelton, Cora Germer, Ramiro Damil, Valerie Von Iglau, Leticia Colin, Cindy Portz-Murphy, Roz Fruchtman, Eve and Vinden Grace and my INSPIRATION, Gary and Garrett Tiebens.

At the end of the day, it is RELATIONSHIPS that we have left.  You all my priceless “treasures”.  Your presence in my life strengthens me and brings me immeasurable HOPE!

In Gratitude,

Emma 😉

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15 thoughts on “TRANSFORMATION… Painful Yet Promising

  1. Hi Emma,

    What an inspiring post! Thank you for sharing your heart with all of us today, you do that so well. You are a wonderful inspiration!!!


  2. Lovely post, Emma! I really identify with all that you’re saying…you’ll have to watch the quick video clip about breeding butterflies on my site. 😉 I’ve been going through many as well, and now re-evaluating and re-focusing! Congratulations for recommitting, and having faith that you’re growing wings! Lots and lots of love, Anna
    .-= Anna Freitag Smith´s last blog ..Fave Crafts Radio – Mark Your Calendars! =-.

  3. Wow Emma,

    What a profound, transparent and transforming note.
    It doesn’t leave people the same, it actually moves forward,
    not only you but also de reader.

    Thank you so much for being such an extraordinary
    gift, blessing and light for everybody.

    I am here for you, no matter where I am,
    no matter what,


  4. Hey Emma,

    This is exactly what I am going through the moment and I am so grateful to you my friend for writing such a beautiful post that is giving me strength to also “weed out UNPRODUCTIVE THINGS, ACTIVITIES AND YES, EVEN RELATIONSHIPS.” out of my day and life.

    Thank you so much for mentioning me and I am happy to be in your life during this time of “metamorphosis” for you.

    I thank you too for the wonderful person and amazing friend you are to me!

    To an amazing journey together!

    w/ Love & Courage,
    DiDi Alcheva
    .-= Diyana Alcheva — DiDi´s last blog ..Free Bonuses 4 – 6 Inside for You =-.

  5. Emma,

    You are a sweet soul, and I think I was meant to know you. Very serendipitous, this post, and I see that Didi agrees too. In some ways, we’re in the same boat. I think it’s a good boat to be in, personally. The struggle is worth the effort.

    I am touched that you mentioned me and hold me in the same regard as the others you mentioned, thank you for that.

    For me, I’ve had to network less and create more. In fact, I have nearly stopped networking. I think keeping up social appearances is important, I do. But there comes a time when stepping out for a little while is okay if it means you’re creating an asset for yourself (and for others).

    Today I wrote 4,000 words. I didn’t spend a single minute on Twitter or Facebook or Youtube, and I didn’t visit anybody’s blog.

    I think the important thing to remember is that going underground is Okay especially if you reemerge transformed; especially if you have spent the time “away” serving yourself so to serve others.

    I, personally, know that I might not interact with you on Facebook, or Twitter for weeks on end, but full understand that you’re a friend. We’ve connected. Nothing changes that. As your friend I encourage you to be a “diligent student” (as you say) and if that means you go underground… all I can say is I look forward to your return.

    I will always be open arms, my friend.

    You are sincere. Hugs.

    Eric Walker
    .-= Eric Walker´s last blog ..Zero to Internet Business Week 7 =-.

  6. Dear Emma,

    The struggle is worth the effort. That’s what I tell myself. You have the ability to make a significant positive impact on many people, and have a thriving business. That’s also what I tell myself. I believe it. And I believe it for you too.

    I know it’s always good to keep up social networking appearances, but I also firmly believe in stepping back, reevaluating your goals, and ask yourself WHY.
    Everything must have purpose. For me, I have taken a large step back from social networking because as far as business was concerned it didn’t have purpose because what I am building is not finished yet.

    Therefore my only purpose at the moment is to keep in touch with the friends I’ve made online. But this doesn’t require going to Facebook everyday. This doesn’t require Twitter every day. What it requires is what I’m doing now. I’m connecting with friends when I think they need it, or I need it or just once in awhile to say hi.

    Hi, and hugs.

    I can relate to your words in this post. It all makes sense. You do what you do, you do what you must do, and you do it well. That is all that can be asked. Spreading yourself too thin will make you less effective and less focused.

    Yesterday I wrote 4,000 words in 4 hours. I attended a webinar. That was it. That was what was on my list to do. I did it. It felt great. To me, that is business right now.

    There seems to be urgency about the times we’re living in? Why is that? I’m not sure if it’s an illusion or something to seriously heed. Either way, things are moving at a rapid pace.

    Society, technology, the degradation of Earth… there are so many changes taking place so fast in last x amount of years (and especially in the past year).

    There is such a temptation to want to speed up to match that speed. Counter to my ego, my heart craves a slow down. My heart wants to stop rushing forward so quickly often with such abandon.

    It seems that if I need to move quickly, I will be moved to act quickly. I know this because it’s happened to me before. I slow down to ask my heart if it’s okay to slow down. It says yes.

    Thank you. Hugs.
    Eric Walker
    .-= Eric Walker´s last blog ..Zero to Internet Business Week 7 =-.

  7. Emma~ You ARE so amazing!! I’m so grateful to have you in my life and also watch you grow. The past few years have been interesting, right? You know I know transformation and all the discomfort. I can’t wait to see you as you blossom into the new chapter… You are so bright and shiny now I can’t imagine how luminous you will be when you transform!!! Sending you so much love and support~ whatever you need, I’m here for you! Love, Amy

  8. Amy, dearest Amy!

    I find such peace when I see you! Thank you for always being there… inspiring, encouraging… thank your for continuing to inspire me and enable me to be my “best me” 😉 The boys are doing great! We just got back from Palm Desert for Father’s Day and had the best time! Miss you my Friend… catch you later!

    Love and Hugs,

    Emma 😉

  9. Eric dearest!

    Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post and for your beautifully written and oh so thoughtful comment! I tell you, when you publish your first book, I’ll be the first one to purchase it!

    Yes, the most challenging part of the struggle is the decision making… once that’s out of the way and we realize the steps we need to take, it’s as if the rest is just minor details… Seriously, it all works out in the end!

    I watched Will Smith’s “Pursuit of Happyness” yesterday and there was a song there which said: “Lord, don’t move this mountain… instead, show me the way around it!” Every challenge we go through builds something that is extremely important – CHARACTER! Not to mention the other good things like faith, hope, patience and really understanding what matters most…

    No wonder the book “Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff” became a best-seller… in the bigger scheme of things, some of our challenges fall under “small stuff”!

    Take care my Friend! Am truly so fortunate to call you FRIEND!

    Big Hugs!

    Emma 😉

  10. DiDi!!!
    I am so sorry it took forever for me to reply… truly, some days, I don’t know where time goes! It’s so amazing how focused I get when I interact and connect with people I care most about online but some days, I wonder how in the world will I find the time to catch up with everyone! I don’t know how you do it Miss Social Media Press! Funny thing is I believe I am doing a pretty good job leveraging my time between Garrett, Gary, home, clients, writing books, speaking, blogging and my social media life!

    I see you and I doing even bigger and better things, separately and together… what an honor that my family will have you grace us with your presence for the next 4 days… then we get to spend 2 days in Portland this week and again in Las Vegas next month! It couldn’t get better than that!

    Thanks again for being YOU! I’ll see you in 2 days!

    I like that… “w/Love and Courage…” We all need courage!


    Emma 😉

  11. Javier my Dearest!

    I can’t believe you’re in LA and I haven’t even seen you! I am so glad you made it to Dreams To Reality… I love that event… Tracy Repchuk really rocks! I hope I will be one of her speakers next year!

    You my Friend are the gift! I am sooo appreciative of you and I wish you would come back to LA for good 😉

    Ditto, ditto! I am here for you too, no matter where and no matter what! 😉

    Love and Hugs!

    Emma 😉

  12. Anna dearest!
    You are a Sweetheart and a half! I apologize for the delayed reply but please know that I TRULY APPRECIATE YOU and knowing that you’re there, always encouraging and appreciating what I write! You and Amy bring me such peace and joy! How are you doing with your own transformation? Yes, we are growing wings indeed! Please keep me posted, okay?

    Love and Hugs, Girl!

    Emma 😉

  13. HI Christine!
    How are you? I haven’t “seen” you in a long time! How is all your training coming along? Did you find the “perfect” system you were looking for? Keep me posted… I see you on Twitter but not much on FB.. have you started your Blog yet? Have you started coaching? Let me know how you are, okay? Thanks for always cheering me on!!!

    Big Hugs!

    Emma 😉

  14. Hi Emma,

    You know I write some, and in reading over you post I thought you might relate to several of these. If not, well…. there is such a thing as a “miss-read,” lol!

    To win the gold may be my goal but my true gold may be won by acquiring the disciplines needed in the pursuit of that goal.©Lee Wise

    To give the gift of being treasured to someone is to give one of the most treasured gifts of all.©Lee Wise

    In the reality of grace rests not the guarantee of understanding but only the guarantee of His presence.©Lee Wise

    In the reality of God is the reality of Presence which goes way beyond the presence of mind.©Lee Wise

    If character is to win the day then choice must make the right call.©Lee Wise


    .-= Lee Wise´s last blog ..Attraction Marketing Excellence – On Being A Sensitive Dad =-.

  15. Hi Emma:
    I’m so really loving you even more.. got goosebumps even.. I so much can relate to your “metamorphosis”.. and I think I will be a butterfy soon! wow, there’s so much great feelings you just gave me.. You’re so much a blessing for me today.

    and speaking of treasures.. I’d like to share with you my life verse.. “for where your treasure is, there your heart will be also” – matt6:21

    You know despite of difficulties in life, I always get to thank God after. And I know God’s hand is working in my life right now.. coz really despite of problems, I still get provided even more up to this very minute.. God is so awesome and your one of His well-crafted art..

    I pray that I can pay forward.. how you just inspired me.. I had amazing time hearing your videos and reading more.. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

    ~ KB