Tiebens Family 2010 Update

What a Year 2010 it was!

Garrett turned 8 years old… (where did time go?)  He’s still enjoying himself like a typical 3rd Grader at Huntington Christian School.  He has achieved Purple Belt status in Tae Kwan Do from Martial Arts USA in Huntington Beach and in less than 1 1/2 years, will receive his most desired Black Belt!

Gary is into a variety of “classified” projects at work and I can’t really say much about that except that he’s doing what he loves and it’s always a treat for him to be working with his friend and Mentor Gordon Hall. Gary is such an amazing Dad! This year he introduced Garrett into the wonderful world of Glider Flying!

My Mom Elena still lives with us and is such a Godsent! I don’t know what I’ll do without her!

Emma has finally launched her Speaking Career via a solo 2-day LIVE event in December at the Hilton Hotel Los Angeles.  After attending a very intense ProfitPoint Speaker Mastery with her Mentor Joel Bauer in September, she decided to go for it and successfully launched her M90X Mentorship Program!

She also co-Authored 2 Amazon.com best-selling books entitled:  “The Relationship Age”,  a book she co-authored with “Pied Piper of Social Media” Mari Smith and Ultimate Life Lessons with Tracy Repchuk, Vinden Grace and Eve Grace Kelly.

The Relationship Age, The Book With Mari Smith and Emma Tiebens

The Relationship Age, The Book with Mari Smith and Emma Tiebens

In August of this year, we sold our home of 12 years in Huntington Beach.  We moved to a really nice community also in Huntington Beach and are really loving it here!

That’s all for our quick update… I trust that you all had a truly wonderful year, despite the uncertainties that surround us.

If I may give you one piece of advice for 2011, it is this…

Educate yourself… not in traditional education but in a specialized knowledge so you can increase your value in the marketplace.

Two years ago, I ventured into online marketing to help my business but now I get to advice small businesses how they can use social media and video marketing to create a powerful brand that will enable them to stand out and become “the only logical choice”.

Start now… invest in your education… seek TRUTH that you won’t find on TV through traditional media.

I have been blessed to have met many, many people who have opened my eyes to where this country is headed and how we could best prepare for it.

It is my fervent wish and prayer that you too will find out for yourself that you may be prepared for what’s to come…

Wishing you a beautiful Christmas and a very Happy and Prosperous New Year 2011!!!

With Love,

Gary, Emma, Garrett and Mom Elena