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In 2001, my husband and I attended our very first live 2-day Personal Development seminar at the MGM Grand, Las Vegas and it was called “Passion, Profit and Power” by a highly celebrated Speaker and Trainer.  What made this a milestone event was the fact that this was the first time we actually paid thousands of dollars to attend this 2-day event which ultimately led to investing into a 180 day Mentorship.

This event 10 years ago was truly life changing for Gary and I.  We came home refreshed, optimistic and having a different perspective about life after that weekend.

Why am I sharing this with you?  It’s because this event was my VERY first exposure to personal development and what I didn’t realize then, was that during the entire weekend,  we were exposed to near-linguistic programming (NLP), embedded commands, hypnotic suggestions and many other strategies and techniques that were absolutely foreign to me, yet literally turned my life around!  It raised my consciousness level and the desire to be, do and have more!

That weekend was the catalyst to my commitment to say NO to mediocrity and playing… It was during that weekend when I fully understood that I had


Next week, you too will have the opportunity to meet someone I absolutely admire who has an innate ability to really help transform your life! The best part for you?  He has given me a few seats worth $1,150 each to gift to my Relational Marketer friends!

Why do I speak so highly of Michael?

Six months ago, there was a name that surfaced on my Facebook Wall…. the name, is


I didn’t know much about Michael except that he was amazing at supporting and sharing my posts, photos and videos, he would send me personal FB emails from time to time, and I would also see him support mutual friends.

I checked out his website “Turning Dreams To Reality” and I was intrigued by it.  Reading about the content of what Michael specializes in reminded me so much about the many mentors I have embraced since 2001.  Mentors who also acknowledges the same training and has helped me with:

1)  The power of the sub-conscious,
2)  Positive self-talk
3)  Eliminating self-limiting beliefs.
4)  Desiring a better life for themselves and their families
5)  Up-leveling my game

I wanted to find out more about Michael and I started reciprocating.  It was “Relational Marketing” at its best!  We finally met at a live event 3 months ago and I feel as though I have known him forever!

Once I had Michael on my radar, I noticed that all my friends and mentors spoke of him in the highest regard.  As I get to know Michael, I began to gain more and more respect for him.  I was very impressed that his LIVE weekend events had over 200 people! Then I found out he’s a best selling author of many books, including this one:  Unstuck: The Owners Manual for Success!

Unstuck: The Owners Manual For Success

Being a Speaker and Trainer myself, I know what it takes to have people come to your event:


There is no denying that Michael’s teachings work.  He only shares his personal life experiences that has worked for him and for his many clients.  I have spoken to many of his students who have implemented his teachings and have moved on to generate multiple figure income and overcome self limiting beliefs.  They all took hold of


How is this possible?

“The Power to Create Your Life… Now! is the pinnacle of over a decade of Michael’s training, experience and wisdom.

This is Michael at his most inspirational, at his most energetic, at his finest.

This is his masterpiece.

This spectacular three-day event will jump-start your life and help you bring about the incredible changes you crave while teaching you how to overcome any obstacle that may stand in your way.

Unlike “motivational seminars,” this event is designed to be the most empowering growth experience of your life. You will walk out with actual tools that you can use immediately and in the future, so you don’t have to come back to get the same high.

When you leave, you’ll live it.”

As part of my “Relational Marketing” promise, I am able to invite you to Mentors and  VIP Events I fully recommend.  Michael is having his rare “Power to Create Your Life… Now” event on September 23-25, 2011 at the Irvine Marriott and I will be there.  I am extremely busy and have limited the events I attend. However Michael is one event I wouldn’t miss for anything.  He has become a great friend and a peer, yet I know I will learn a ton from him and his event.

I have very limited seats available to gift you with.  Imagine not having to pay the $1,150 that others have paid for to be at his event!

Click here to secure your seat at Michael Stevenson’s


And just as my life turned around in 2001 when I embraced a Mentor who showed me possibilities and taught me specialized techniques and strategies to do so, I invite you to embrace my good friend Michael Stevenson and discover and the secrets and possess:


I look forward to meeting you there!

Until We Connect, I Am Cheering You On To Your Success!

Emma 😉

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