Is There A Love Connection?

Back in the early 90’s, I used to watch a show called the “Love Connection”. I remember how I absolutely love the host, Chuck Woolery – he was kind, witty and has the ability to get a strong handle on the guests, which got challenging at times, especially when the date goes awry.

Basically, a male or female guest is featured everyday and he/she will choose from 3 people from the opposite sex, to go out with on a first date. The guest is interviewed live by Chuck and the 3 potential dates are interviewed on video. The audience then gets to pick who they think is the best date for the guest, based on their introduction on how the candidates spoke about and represent themselves on their video. They don’t immediately tell the guest who they picked. For the next day’s episode, Chuck interviews the same guest who will then share who he/she picked from the 3 candidates and how their date went. While the guest sits on a love seat next to Chuck on screen, the candidate chosen now interacts with them via a video screen on the top left corner of the screen.

It’s so exciting when there is a “Love Connection” which means that the guest and the candidate ended up to be a great match! However, it’s quite ridiculous when there is no Love Connection because it ends up to be a war with words. It becomes a “He Said, She Said” and it becomes a blame game of what he should have done and what she should have been. In the end, Chuck asks the audience who they have voted on, and if it’s a different candidate, the guest is asked whether he/she wants to go out with him. Sometimes the guest says yes and at times, he/she has had enough.


As entrepreneurs, this connection process is similar to how our clients choose us. No, we don’t have a Chuck Woolery to facilitate the connection, nor an audience to help vote for us, but essentially, a client has specific needs and wants that they are looking to fill and solve. Unlike the show where there are only 3 candidates to choose from, your prospective clients have way more to choose from.

The question is, how are you standing out from the rest of entrepreneurs offering the same services?

After watching quite a few episodes of “Love Connection”, I have acquired a good sense of who the guest and the audience will choose, based on:

1) What the guest says he or she is looking for in a mate.
2) What each of the 3 candidates are willing to “give”, how confident they are about themselves without being arrogant and more importantly, how they speak the language of “romance”.

It is so interesting to note that the ones that normally get chosen shared these “7 Common Traits for a Love Connection”:

1) They are presentable and have a sense of style.
2) They have a solution to what the guest is looking for.
3) They talk about their desire to get to know the person instead of it being all about them.
4) They have a certain calm demeanor that’s not pushy or needy.
5) They are warm, friendly and they smile a lot.
6) They have an air of trustworthiness.
7) They are eloquent and are able to express themselves with the right words.

Connecting with your ideal client is akin to a “Love Connection”. You must be able to ATTRACT your ideal clients, CONNECT at the heart and TRANSFORM yourself into their TRUSTED AUTHORITY.

When you practice these “7 Common Traits For a Love Connection” in your business, you will elevate yourself from the rest of your competition. After all, the goal is to find a Business “Love Connection” – that perfect match between you as the service and results provider and your clients, right?

At the end of the day, when Chuck asks your client “Would you like to go out with him/her again?”, Your client’s answer should be a resounding yes!

Cheering You On!


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