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The Power of Connection

Thank you to my dear friend “YouTube Rockstar” Jason Stephenson for surprising me with this video shout out last night! What a beautiful surprise! I call him “Rockstar” because his YouTube channel has over 25 Million Views and he has over 146,000 Subscribers whom he diligently serves with his beautiful meditation videos. The story shared here is truly a magnificent reflection of your generous heart and what a way to jump-start the convergence of something so huge that is a true manifestation of our collective consciousness with Divine blessings and alignment written all over it!  I look forward to meeting all the other beautiful people Jason mentioned on this video including the amazing Lisa Sheehan among many others.  It’s a precious and priceless story that must be shared in greater detail so here goes…

There Are No Coincidences

Two weeks ago, one of my dearest friends, Dr. George Flinn, Founder of Flinn Broadcasting, The Flinn Clinic in Memphis, Tennessee, and a bestselling author of multiple books, sent me a message to connect me to an incredible gentleman from Magog, Canada.  His name is Luc Goulet – the author of the book, “The Big Bang Project” and Founder of multiple highly successful business ventures.   Luc and I scheduled an “Unleash Your Magnetic Brand” Breakthrough Session and instantly, we both just knew that working together would be the next logical step and I’m thrilled to now welcome Luc as one of my highly select “Private V.I.P Magnetic Branding Done For You” clients!  Thank you so much George!

Incidentally, 4 months ago, I was browsing on YouTube, looking for guided visualization and meditation videos and I bumped into a beautiful video on “How To Overcome Fear and Stop Self-Sabotage”, by Jason Stephenson.  At that time, I have never heard of Jason Stephenson but there was something about his voice that touched my soul during the meditation.  I remember releasing cleansing and empowering tears throughout the video.  I then wanted to listen to more videos by Jason and for 1 week straight, I would meditate with him day in and day out.  I also introduced his videos to my son Garrett and he too would meditate with them.

During that week, I felt as though I have known Jason forever. I had this instant and immediate connection with him.  His videos have become something I looked forward to everyday.  I wanted to reach out to him and introduce myself but I hesitated because this man is a YouTube Rockstar!  His channel has over 25 millions views and he has over 146,000 Subscribers and growing exponentially every day!

One day, I decided that Jason needs to hear from me on how his videos are giving me so much courage and how grateful I was for all his efforts so I sent him a private message on Facebook, sharing with him my personal story.  It was like communicating and reconnecting with an old friend, though we have never spoken nor met!

Within a few hours, Jason responded! It was a beautiful moment of spiritual connection.  We realized we both were Flight Attendants in our past, we love Tony Robbins, and we love to travel and bring people into our experience through videos.  More importantly,  we share a common desire to create a huge global impact in the area of success, spirituality and inspiration.  I then introduced him to Garrett and they too have much in common – meditation, magic and music.  Jason eventually called Garrett, “Garrettji”- the added “ji” on the end is something that is added to someone’s name when they consider you a guru… Jason refers to Garrett as “Little Guru”.

One very touching thing that Jason did, was when he told 2 months ago that on all the meditation videos he will produce for YouTube, he will put Garrett’s website link to help him get more visibility!  He was true to his word and he still does that to this day.  He did it out of pure love and appreciation for Garrett.

Jason and I talked about a mutual mentor who has helped shape our lives in the most positive sense — Tony Robbins.  It was actually one of Tony’s videos on self-sabotage that lead me to finding Jason’s video.  I mentioned to Jason that Tony will be in LA in October and perhaps we should both go and attend!  The next day, Jason told me that he booked his plane tickets and his tickets to Tony Robbins’ “Unleash The Power Within”.  He decided within minutes that he was going to come to the US and make that a “US Tour” to meet his subscribers in the US!

We had planned to meet for a day when he comes to Los Angeles where we will tour him around Los Angeles and Orange County as well as do our video interviews, and mastermind on how we can collaborate on some projects moving forward!

So for the even more fun part —

The Power of Connection

Part of the incentives I offer my VIP Clients is my strategic outreach and personal introduction to people in my “Billion Dollar Rolodex” of incredible thought leaders, movement makers and successful business owners from all over the world!

When Luc and I agreed to work together, the first person that came to mind for me to connect him with was Jason.  Between the three of us, we share the same vision for a life well lived, positivity, hope for humanity and using inspiration to fuel our actions to help create ripples of meaningful change throughout the world!

I told Luc about Jason, and told Jason about Luc and shared with them why I thought they should connect.  Before I could even introduce them, Luc went to Jason’s YouTube Channel and Jason bought – and chose expedite delivery of – a hard copy of Luc’s book on Amazon.

Through all these exchange of goodwill, I had a “light bulb moment” and proposed that all 3 of us meet while Jason is visiting from Australia and we should schedule our 2 VIP Private Client Intensive Days to coincide with Jason being in Los Angeles.

A few emails later, it was confirmed!  On October 26, all 3 of us, Luc Goulet, Jason Stephenson and myself are meeting in person, here in Los Angeles, for the first time to mastermind on how we can move forward with one common goal – to leverage our talents, resources and connections to help “Create Humanity’s Best Case Scenario” which is the essence of “The Big Bang Project”!  I have commissioned a photographer and videographer to capture this milestone moment and you will get an inside peek at this momentous meeting so stay tuned!

Jason is also hosting a Meetup for his subscribers at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles on Monday, October 26 at 1:30pm at the hotel lobby/bar area so if you want to meet Jason in person, and perhaps even me and Luc Goulet, please come and join us!  We look forward to meeting you too!

I am still in awe at the thought of 3 people for different parts of the world – Canada, United States and Australia – who have never met yet share one common goal, are about to meet to solidify the next steps in bringing this very important message to millions if not billions of people all over the world!

Thank you Jason Stephenson and Luc Goulet for your trust and for “flowing” into this moment.  I appreciate you both very much and it truly is exciting and empowering to have you both as co-creators in this beautiful journey through life.  Much love and blessings to you both!

Click here or the link below to order your copy of “The Big Bang Project” by Luc Goulet by clicking on the image below:

The Big Bang Project Book Cover

Powerful and soulful life and business connections like this is what I live for!  Helping people with clarity of their message so they can create their own platforms which enables them to be more understood and positioned for true collaboration, co-creation and conversion of ideas into meaning – and money to make a difference – truly sums up why I do what I do!

The Power of Connection… you just never know who is waiting to hear your message so just decide to clarify your message, create  your platform and commit that you will speak-up and show-up in ways, bigger than you ever have before!

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Until we connect…

Here’s To Your Success With Satisfaction and Significance,


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  1. HI Emma,

    What a wonderful blog post. It is all about linking up, isn’t it?! From one person to the next, to the next. (For many and varied reasons too)

    Thank you for your love, support and belief.

    So much respect,