No More Excuses… SoundCloud!

Emma Tiebens Introduces by EmmaTiebens Real quick… I am sure if you’ve been an online marketer for the past year or so, you already know the importance of video marketing. I am truly passionate about teaching my clients how to utilize video marketing to tie their marketing efforts together! However… I totally understand that […]

Will You Still Use Facebook If You’re No Longer In Business?

I was driving home from Garrett’s school this morning and thought about how much fun my little interaction with powerful women industry leaders, Ann Sieg, Rachel Jackson, Deborah Tutnauer and Jackie Ulmer was last night.  We were talking about our “work out music” and all of a sudden there’s this burst of nostalgia from the […]

Do You Need A Coach, Consultant or A Course?

I just came back from a truly powerful weekend at Mike Klingler’s Marketing Funnel Mastery.  Over 100 of my fellow marketers and entrepreneurs came together to build their own Marketing Funnels using Mike Klingler’s highly effective blueprint. I was introduced to Marketing Funnel Mastery in June 2010 when I flew to Portland, OR.  It was […]

You Tube 2.0 Is Here! What’s Your Channel?

Do you have a You Tube Channel? If you don’t, you are missing out on another Social Media Strategy that will help you get your message out, give value to the world and attract your perfect clients! You Tube Web 3.0 has finally begun! Thanks for the kind heads up of one of the best […]

Why I Cleaned My Messes…Why You Should Too!

Have you ever felt that something is holding your success back but can’t put your finger on it? We all aim for different levels of success and after achieving a certain level, we are ready for the next. Sometimes though, we feel “stuck” and no matter what we do or how hard we work, we […]