Two Huge Events… One Weekend!

Last year, I attended over 20 live events.  Mind you, most of those events were rather strategic.  After all, if I were to invest time, effort and money, I need to be more definitive about why I am attending a particular event, right?  When I attend events, I ask myself these questions: 1) Would I […]

Why Spirit Driven Marketing?

Why did I decide to incorporate Spirit Driven Marketing as one of my many client offerings? My answer is quite simple…  Because I believe that there are so many business owners out there who are lost, spinning their wheels, experimenting with technology, yet remain to be broke, disheartened and discouraged.  They feel that they’re only […]

“You Are The Brand”, Is NOT About YOU!

It is so refreshing to somewhat be back from my brief hiatus. Well, I guess what seems brief to others seems like eternity to me!  Honestly, I felt rather detached when I couldn’t get online and couldn’t connect with and support my subscribers and friends.  It’s rather frustrating to see what’s going on, via my […]

Finding Freedom and Peace From Letting Go…

I soooo missed writing on my blog and interacting with you!  I haven’t been consistently online for almost 3 weeks and I feel awful about not being able to reciprocate “the love” but at this time, we as a family have made a decision to: BUCKLE DOWN… RE-GROUP… RE-ANALYZE… LEARN TO LET GO It’s Garrett’s […]

Take Time To Celebrate Moments Now… Not If… Not When…

My family spent the weekend at the Westin LAX. The celebration was two fold – to celebrate Gary and Garrett’s birthdays and to plan a truly economical weekend getaway. Having been away for 9 days to attend the Internet Marketers Caribbean Cruise, I have missed my family so much! So, this weekend, I did my […]