Can You Really Become the Bank?

About 2 years ago, I met my friends Jorge Bueno and MaryAnne Morcos.  They were introduced to me by a friend I absolutely trust, Jerry Chen and a year later, we have become really great friends and peers and they even invited my husband and I at the recent Grammy Awards Ceremony as their special […]

My Mother… My First Mentor

It’s May 3, 2011 – a day that has always been very special to me. In the small town of Sta. Elena, Marikina City in the Philippines where I grew up, this day is significant as this is when we celebrate our town’s “Fiesta”.  A Sta. Elena fiesta is like “Halloween” where you can basically […]

No More Excuses… SoundCloud!

Emma Tiebens Introduces by EmmaTiebens Real quick… I am sure if you’ve been an online marketer for the past year or so, you already know the importance of video marketing. I am truly passionate about teaching my clients how to utilize video marketing to tie their marketing efforts together! However… I totally understand that […]

Are You A Survivalist or a “Prepper”?

In the past 5 months, my good friend Jorge Bueno has been talking about and introducing his students, including myself – to Codex Defensive Training, Survival Training, Meta-Leadership, wild food preparation, etc.  I find the timing of my “exposure” to this preparedness mentality quite ironic yet I welcome this with wide-open arms! Honestly, prior to […]

Tanching Enriquez’ Legacy… What Will Yours Be?

When I was about 8 years old, I remember we used to visit my “Lolo” Edong and “Lola” Tanching’s home.  (Lolo and Lola are Tagalog terms for Grandpa and Grandma and Tagalog is the predominant dialect in the Philippines). Tanching was the nickname for her real name, Constancia. Technically, per American lineage, they were more […]

Leadership Mastery Starts With YOU!

I just got back from a phenomenal weekend at Marketing Funnel Mastery LIVE with Mike Klingler at the Palazzo in Las Vegas.  What a blessing to be one of the speakers whom Mike asked to speak there!  I spoke about one of the aspects of marketing and life that I am really passionate about and […]

Who Encourages The Encourager?

  This morning, in the silence and serenity of my car, driving home after dropping Garrett off at school, 4 thoughts dawned on me… 1) Who is an Encourager? 2) Why is encouraging important? 3) Why should we stay encouraged? 4) Who encourages the Encourager? If you’ve been reading my posts for a while, you’ll […]

One Step Back… 5 Steps Forward

Have you ever felt like you keep on doing the same things you’ve done, yet expecting a different result? Interestingly enough, I go through such cycles from time to time. I had the distinct privilege of taking my Mom and son on a 5 day cruise and during that time, I really felt like I […]

Why Spirit Driven Marketing?

Why did I decide to incorporate Spirit Driven Marketing as one of my many client offerings? My answer is quite simple…  Because I believe that there are so many business owners out there who are lost, spinning their wheels, experimenting with technology, yet remain to be broke, disheartened and discouraged.  They feel that they’re only […]