Are You A Survivalist or a “Prepper”?

In the past 5 months, my good friend Jorge Bueno has been talking about and introducing his students, including myself – to Codex Defensive Training, Survival Training, Meta-Leadership, wild food preparation, etc.  I find the timing of my “exposure” to this preparedness mentality quite ironic yet I welcome this with wide-open arms! Honestly, prior to […]

Why Spirit Driven Marketing?

Why did I decide to incorporate Spirit Driven Marketing as one of my many client offerings? My answer is quite simple…  Because I believe that there are so many business owners out there who are lost, spinning their wheels, experimenting with technology, yet remain to be broke, disheartened and discouraged.  They feel that they’re only […]

“You Are The Brand”, Is NOT About YOU!

It is so refreshing to somewhat be back from my brief hiatus. Well, I guess what seems brief to others seems like eternity to me!  Honestly, I felt rather detached when I couldn’t get online and couldn’t connect with and support my subscribers and friends.  It’s rather frustrating to see what’s going on, via my […]

Do You Have A 20/20 Vision Board?

When you hear 20/20 vision, doesn’t that denote a perfect vision where you can see clearly with impeccable accuracy everything that is upclose and everything that is afar.  When you’re nearsighted, you can only see things that are upclose and if you’re  far sighted, well… you get the point.  Personally, I am near sighted so […]

Why YOU SHOULDN’T MISS Dani Johnson In Los Angeles, CA!

We finally got back from our week-long vacation and realized that Dani Johnson’s First Steps To Success Seminar is only 2 weeks away and  I didn’t want to waste anytime in inviting you to attend this life-changing event!  First Steps To Success by Dani Johnson is on Sept. 12 and 13 at the Westin Bonaventure […]

Why I Cleaned My Messes…Why You Should Too!

Have you ever felt that something is holding your success back but can’t put your finger on it? We all aim for different levels of success and after achieving a certain level, we are ready for the next. Sometimes though, we feel “stuck” and no matter what we do or how hard we work, we […]