So You Have All The Money… Now What?

Do you REALLY want to magnetize money into your life or are you just saying that? Are you ready to receive it or are you constantly repelling it? Imagine that you already have all the money you could ever want or need… Now what?

Let’s imagine for a second that you have ALL THE MONEY that you will ever need – the cars, the finer things, the lifestyle – what else would you be pursuing then? For most people it’s FAME and INFLUENCE but for the many heart-centered people I have spoken with, it boils down to this: SATISFACTION and SIGNIFICANCE.

Emma Tiebens, Author Expert Marketing Machines AEMM Amazon Best Seller Award Ceremony

When we get so caught up in the pursuit of money alone, it becomes that — a PURSUIT… so what happens is we either catch up with it and get a hold of it, but most of the time, it runs away from us faster than we can get to it. Why do we want more money in the first place? It’s the promise of HOW GOOD IT WILL MAKE US FEEL… what if I tell you that you can feel good right here, right now and when you do that, it no longer becomes a pursuit because now you become more MAGNETIC to the energy of money…

Abundance is your birthright, but it is easily repelled and rejected by your lack of faith in yourself and in the God or Source of your creation. The universe is all about expansion and growth… it’s all about MORE LIFE. It’s time you get out of your own expansion – it’s time to embrace more SUCCESS, SATISFACTION and SIGNIFICANCE… I know the most common question after that is “HOW?”… First, you must learn to FEEL GOOD FIRST… Then I get asked, “How can I feel good when there is not enough money, when my relationships are bad, when my children are acting up?” I understand how challenging that is, that’s why I came up with a system that will empower you daily… A system that will enable you to “Think, Feel and ACT” your way to more success in your life. I invite you  to my 1-day Breakthrough Experience and Training Event, in Newport Beach, CA and I will share that system with you!

TODAY IS LAST DAY for the 50% off… tomorrow it’s $97.00 to attend my event and even at that rate, it’s worth it for you so you will have the tools to start magnetizing and allowing success back into your lives. The 90-day Blueprint on how you can become “Magnetic Memorable and TRUSTED Online Authority” – simplifying social media, video and email marketing alone is worth the $97. Register now and I look forward to spending the day with you!

Cheering You On!


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