Singapore… As My Journey Unfolds

Day 1 – Saturday, March 5, 2016 – 8:30pm – Los Angeles, CA – LAX

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Bags checked! Singapore here I come! Here at the Tom Bradley International Terminal (TBIT). Just received the best service from Cathay Pacific Airlines at LAX. Thanks so much to Salvador Loreno for a memorable VIP Treatment! Look at the message above me… “Share Your L.A. Story”. I couldn’t have orchestrated a better message as my speaking topic for our Women of Wealth and Abundance Event, is “Unleash Your Story”! I feel so alive, aligned and in the flow so I’m sharing all these vibrant, positive and loving energies your way!
Day 2 – Monday March 7, 2016 – Hongkong / Singapore

Ask and it is given! I finally made it to Singapore and was given this awe-mazing, one of the most coveted corner rooms on the 20th floor with a most picturesque view of the Marina Bay Sands and the Gardens for my entire stay here, for our Women of Wealth and Abundance Event . I’m quite excited as I have meditated on and visualized this view from the moment I confirmed my stay at this hotel. Wow! I’m in utter awe that I get to wake up to this everyday wink emoticon I’ll have a great review on TripAdvisor coming up for sure! So inspiring!

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Thank you dear Louie Pinto for picking me up at the airport and taking me grocery shopping and checking out MRT Stations. Looking forward to seeing Jini and finally meeting Baby Arielle whose not so baby anymore!

Thank you Li Ying of Peninsula.Excelsior Hotel, Singapore for an an exemplary customer service!

It feels soooo wonderful to reunite with my dearest friends Louie Pinto, Jini Pillai Pinto and their beautiful daughter Arielle! Here at their beautiful Singapore home sharing a lovely Indian dinner then riding around town for a quick tour. I sooo appreciate you taking me grocery shopping and showing me how to get around here…

Day 3 – Tuesday, March 8, 2016 – Singapore

Happy International Women’s Day to all you amazing women around the globe! Goooood morning from Singapore!!! Thinking of you in the moment… Woke-up st 3:00 am, (Singapore is 16 hours ahead of Los Angeles), to mediate and be in that space of sheer gratitude, joy, creativity and inspiration – and a lot has something to do with jet lag! Ha ha! Yup, no make-up, no Photoshop – just me, raw, real and revelatory in honor of women everywhere!


Now doing my morning ritual… journaling and enjoying a beautiful cup of coffee, listening to “O Mio Babino Caro” by Puccini… Oh I loooove that song! Savoring the perfection of the moment. I’m glad to hear some of you asking me to post more pictures so I promise to post moments as they unfold… Why? Because it brings me great joy to share with you insights, inspiration and information in real time so I can share memorable experiences with you. It must be the journalist and the brand strategist in me that wants to report people, places and magnetic brands worth celebrating!

The skyline view is spectacular and I can even see occasional bursts of lighting! So breathtaking and mesmerizing! I’m in a tropical region now.. Sooo lush and so green and yes, humid! Lol! The spirit is so vibrant and so alive here!

Sending you all love and great big hugs!!! ‪#‎InternationalWomensDay‬‪#‎Singapore‬‪#‎WomensEvent‬‪#‎EmpoweredWomen‬

Day 6:  Women of Wealth and Abundance

What a phenomenal weekend speaking to hundreds of women who embraced more inspiration, information and empowerment in their lives!









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