Sharad Rao – Magnetic and Memorable

This beautiful man Sharad Rao, showed up at one of my seminars a few months ago and has requested a one-on-one meeting since then. I generally don’t meet non-clients in person but there was something about Sharad that exuded trust, he was also tenacious and really came from a place of creating win-win-wins.

His business ethics, his remarkable stories of compassion and his understanding of relationship building in business, got him on my “Magnetic and Memorable” Influencer list.

Sharad is a Senior New York Life Agent, as well as a Property and Casualty Agent Broker with several companies. He works closely with huge textile organizations all over the world as a Consultant to maximize productivity and reduce cost and increase quality by sharing his technical skills. However, perhaps what was most impressive about Sharad is his philanthropy. He has helped several needy and talented students pursue a college education. He is very well respected in the Indian community all over Southern California and major cities all over the world.

One of the highlights of our meeting was these 2 quotes from his parents whom he shared with me:

“Remember not failure, but low aim, is Crime.” – Dr. Mohan G. Rao


“One hour of a Glorious Life is worth and Age without a Name.” – Dr. Shanta M. Rao

It is no surprise that this gentleman is a man of virtue and excellence. He’s also a proud father of 2 very successful children in Engineering and Medicine and is a doting grandfather to a beautiful 18 month old grand daughter.

Our 2-hour meeting was a conversation about asset growth and protection, brand marketing, circles of influence, sponsorship specifics for my “Magnetic and Memorable Show”, spirituality, his fascination for Garrett Tiebens, and marketing support for him and his clients all over the world through my interviews and consulting. We are exploring possibilities!

It was a very enlightened, energized and empowered conversation, that the light coming straight down through the crown of my head seems to be a reflection of the vibrant energy we were creating! I look forward to our many collaborations.

Sometimes we need to be selective, yet also trust that the right people do come into our lives at the most perfect time!

Here’s to Your Success with Significance!


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