Robin Williams Did Not Die From Depression

“ROBIN WILLIAMS DID NOT DIE FROM DEPRESSION…” I absolutely love, Robin Williams… I couldn’t help think about him and his family… I can only imagine the intense desperation he must have gone through… I mourn with the entire world, feeling the shock and grief over the passing of Robin Williams.

Yes, even the most successful, the wealthy, highly influential and most beloved people, who practically possess everything one could only dream about, could use a measure of genuine CARE and EMPATHY.

This is why I am passionate about talking about this everyday. We all go through moments of DESPAIR and trust me, it is during those intense moments of despair when I am able to pull that courage and intensity to help someone.. It’s a conscious decision and when the battle has been going on for a long time, to release the resistance through whatever means seems logical…

Robin clearly wanted to be happy and was not afraid to take chances… He gave happiness a 3rd shot by choosing love and live fully as felt on this picture with his wife Susan.

We practically grew up watching his movies… I love all of his movies but the one that really stuck with me was “What Dreams May Come” and “Dead Poets Society”…

Robin Williams did not die from DEPRESSION – he died from DESPERATION.  There is a difference.  Depression is a mental state, desperation is the physical urge to do something about the desperation.

Robin Williams’ legacy will live on because he embraced and transcended success with significance for a long time, and to the very end, he continued to choose JOY vs. DESPAIR… Loving prayers of comfort to his friends and family and his fans like my family and I who will miss him dearly…

It’s the Genie’s turn to say to him, “Go Robin.. You are now free… ”

(Click here to the full article on Psychology Today )

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