“Relational Marketing” Is Actually Biblical?

I was reviewing our 8-year old son Garrett’s Bible Verse for the week while driving to school this morning and the verse for this week is Philippians 2: 3-4.

As I read the verse, it dawned on me that this was exactly the verse that summed up what “Relational Marketing” means to me…

“Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves. Each of you should look not only to your own interests, but also to the interests of others.

Reading this verse proved yet again another validation for why I do what I do.  I know that all of us are created for a greater purpose and it is up to us to act upon that purpose and live our lives in constant application of the “Spirit of Excellence”.  We may not ALWAYS be doing things perfectly but the goal is to continue stretching ourselves beyond our comfort levels and as we overcome obstacles, we have a responsibility to make something out of that and ENCOURAGE others that they too can come out of that obstacle.

Just wanted to share a short this post – it’s rather short but I believe sweet enough to merit your attention and make you think for a moment…

So on that note, “Who have you provided value to – knowingly and unknowingly – today?  It is my hope that this post somehow provided that for you…

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4 thoughts on ““Relational Marketing” Is Actually Biblical?

  1. Emma,

    I totally agree with you relative to attraction marketing being something that complements biblical values. In fact, I have shared elsewhere that one of the major reasons that I enjoy attraction marketing is because of the complementary aspects of giving and sharing value with others.

    Coming from a ministry background this complementary aspect was and is being confirmed to me as I steadily become more and more involved with Renegade Professional and now Coaching Cognition and their respective communities. People like yourself and others, along with what I continue to learn, continually reinforce my appreciation for being in a place where I can develop and implement plans that complement my faith base.

    Of course is goes without saying that something is “biblical” only if we consistently work at making it so in our own lives by the choices we make and what we reflect to others in the process… just like anything else. But in my mind the entire “relational marketing scene” very easily can fit with a person’s faith based marketing efforts.

    Keep your good work of being a positive example for many, Emma!


  2. Hi Lee! Thank you so much for such empowering comments! It truly is amazing how everything we do ultimately ties together! How could one simple Bible verse that I have read many times before never resonate w/ me until I was reviewing it with our 8-year old son… It amazes me how God speaks to us at the exact time we needed to hear the message…

    Blessings to you and your family now and always…

    Emma 😉

  3. Hi Emma,

    After posting this on my Facebook. I could not help my self to come back and read it again. I felt God was speaking to me though what you wrote. To help me reach out to others.

    Thank You

  4. Hi John!

    I can’t believe I almost missed your post! Thanks for your kind comments – it made me smile to read that you “came back and read it again”… Isn’t God amazing? I am sooo happy you felt as though He spoke through what I wrote… I felt led to write it that morning and I am glad it inspired YOU!

    Yes, I believe that one of the most precious gifts we were given is the gift to encourage each other… and it has to start by reaching out… I see you reaching out to people on Facebook… I’m so proud of you!!!

    See you around John! Many, many blessings to you and all you touch!

    Emma 😉