Relational Marketing By Chocolate and Cards

Have you ever wondered at times why there simply are people who are masterful at giving without expectations?

Such was the case with these two amazing ladies I would like to feature on this blog post…

Thank You Kelly Baader and Teresa Baine

First is my good friend Kelly Baader… Kelly and I met at a live event in Portland, about 8 months ago and have just interacted via social media.  In December, she and her family went on a holiday in Switzerland and as a joke, I told her I would love to have a taste of the Swiss chocolates she was indulging in, in one of her pictures.

I met up with her again 2 weekends ago, at the Marketing Funnel Mastery in Las Vegas, NV and what was the first thing she handed me after she gave me a hug?  A Caillei Chocolate bar directly from Switzerland!   I know… I know… some of you might be saying “It’s just a chocolate bar… what’s the big deal?”

To me, it’s her loving thought that counts more than anything else.  Kelly Baader is a brilliant industry leader, coach, entrepreneur and author. She had no motive in giving me that chocolate bar… She doesn’t need me as a client… She did it out of love and respect and that’s what I value.  She demonstrated true Relational Marketing!

The other lady I would like to celebrate is someone I have never met, yet has been out there supporting me online and always giving me a “thumbs-up” and occasionally commenting on my blog.  Her name is Teresa Baine.

Yesterday, I checked my mailbox and there were 2 cards waiting for Garrett and I.  I looked at the address and they weren’t familiar.  It’s because it came from a person I least expected to send me cards!

What Teresa wrote on the card was so heartfelt and was so genuine.  Yes, she is using a very popular card service to send me those cards, but I never felt that she was prospecting me or wants me to sign up with her business opportunity because of how she positioned herself.

As Garrett and I ate the incredibly delicious chocolate bar and read those heartwarming cards, I got reminded of how these amazing ladies exhibited the true essence of relational marketing.

So as part of my short term project of writing my book “The Relational Marketers” – I will start featuring individuals who have amazing stories on how they used relational marketing to either:

  • Attract their perfect clients
  • Increase their credibility and influence.
  • Reach industry leaders and heroes they wouldn’t have reached before.
  • Forged meaningful partnerships and collaboration with like-minded individuals.
  • Gained  a client’s or clients’ trust that enabled them to generate substantial revenue.
  • Was invited to an exclusive and high-ticket event.
  • Other results from using relational marketing.

Click Here to share your story at The Relational Marketers Facebook Group and allow our members to celebrate you and learn from your story!

Until we connect…

I Am Cheering You On To Your Success!

Emma 😉

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5 thoughts on “Relational Marketing By Chocolate and Cards

  1. Emma and Garrett,
    Wow! I am so speechless!!! For me, just a habit of keeping my promise in words for the chocolate! I am so touched by you guys!

    Garrett, so happy to see your smile again. 😉 I got to meet you in person once! Well, when next time mama comes to Vegas, you can join her to stay with us, ok?

    Emma, the beautiful Proverbs 31 woman, that’s what I think of you!
    Much love & blessings,

  2. Dear Emma and Garrett,

    I am so glad that Garrett is doing better. Emma please give him a hug for me, yes we have never met in person but as sisters in Christ, and by way of the internet, I am able to keep up with you and learn from you and when your family hurts, we, as your internet family, hurt.

    I am just practicing what you have taught us.

    Thank you for the post, very unexpected and like Kelly, I am speechless.
    You are an awesome lady.
    May the Lord continue to bless you and your family richly.

  3. Can anyone get tired of hearing GENUINE words of ENCOURAGEMENT? Watching you develop into the person you are is truly and INSPIRATION!

    I can only imagine how Kelly and Teresa were touched by having you in their lives. When people give without expecting anything in return is the best feeling in the world.

    Far too often, people give with the wrong motives. As for me, I am going to do what I’ve been somewhat afraid to do and that is be ME! More than anything I want people to not just like what I have to offer, but REALLY LOVE it!

    I’ve realized that people won’t know me unless I share with them who I am. Thank you for providing some guidance by allowing the true you to FLOURISH.

  4. Oh Eric! Thank you so much for your wonderful and heartfelt comment… Wow! I am speechless… You have such greatness within you and many people are waiting for your message that could change their lives! By “hiding” that message, you are doing the world a disservice… Please keep me posted of your progress… You know I am here, Cheering You On!!! Blessings my Friend!

  5. Hello Teresa! Yes, thanks for your prayers and well-wishings… Garrett is back to school and it’s as if nothing happened! Just taking time to get caught up with his homework but other than that, we’re so grateful to God for his healing! Thank you for YOU! Hugs!