Rejoicing From Dani Johnson's Miraculous Healing!

Many of you know that I am one of the hundreds of thousands of people that have been blessed with the mentorship of an incredible lady named Dani Johnson. I first met Dani in January 2008 when I, together with 4 of my friends – Kenji, Diane, Carrie and Minerva – went to Atlanta, GA for our very first First Steps To Success. That event changed the course of our lives completely! I have been to 4 First Steps and 1 Creating A Dynasty and everytime we go, it’s a deeper experience!

It has been a year now since my introduction to Dani and I continue to pray for her, for her husband Hans, her family and her entire Call To Freedom Intl. team! God has a HUGE calling on Dani’s life and boy, she is doing phenomenal at utilizing her gifts for the greater good of those who need equipping in the marketplace. However, in the past few months, Dani has been gone through some major health challenges and thousands upons thousands have been relentless in praying for her.

Today, I received an email blast from Hans Johnson re-telling the story of Dani Johnson’s healing!!! I have been doing the praise dance since this morning – I know that there are people who need to “experience” this incredible story of faith and trust. Whether we know it or not, God is always faithful – His timing is always perfect and His plans for us are much greater than we can ever dream of for ourselves!

I pray that you will get inspired by this story. After reading, if you are compelled to send your prayers and well-wishings for Dani, contact:

February 12, 2009

Hi Emma,

Do you believe in miracles?

I want you to know that Dani was healed this past Saturday night and is WALKING with NO pain today! Below is a first hand account of this miracle from God, a touch by the Holy Spirit and healing power of Jesus Christ. We are so blessed and thankful that He is faithful in ALL things and we declare His faithfulness and miracle working power in our lives today!

Thank you to all of you who faithfully prayed for Dani, for your faith and for standing by Dani and I and our family durring this past couple months which have been very trying indeed.
Below is a first hand detailed account of what happened from a close friend who was there with Dani at the time of the healing.

“Dani and the entire family and visitors were watching this past weekend’s Saturday night Spirtual Equipping message at First Steps To Success. At the end of the session when Hans had clients pray for Dani we all gathered around her and layed hands on her. With every prayer Dani was weeping and weeping. During those prayers Dani began to regain sensation in a part of her leg that had been numb. After Hans said goodnight Dani said “Okay let’s give it a shot”. With her father on one side her brother on the other, and her nephew behind her she stood up. A little woblly but standing. She commanded her legs to walk, she rebuked curses, and commanded her legs to obey in Jesus’s name. She walked one step then another with the men just holding her gently. She walked over 20 steps. Just the day before Friday she could only walk 2 wobbly steps and then she would fall with two people carrying most of her weight.

Then Dani asked everyone to let go and commanded her legs and body to walk in Jesus name. She took one step on her own then another and then another. She began to walk the full length of the house with stregth and no wobbliness or shaking. Then she began to walk more and more. We all began to cry and weep at the miracle we witnessed. And then it got better. This woman who had not been able to walk 2 steps unassisted for over 1 month, who was wheelchair bound, whose pain levels daily went to a 10 out of 10, who woke up several times a night moaning and crying, whose total independance had been taken from her began to rebuke the pain. She began walking stairs, doing squats, bending down, lying on the floor prostrate praying and thanking Jesus for the miracles He promised.
She then began to rebuke the generational curse of drug addiction and began to flush the heavy and addictive pain medications. By the time this is read she will have been 96 hours without any medication. This too is a miracle.

Not one dry eye remained in this house. Tears of happiness, relief, and the gratitude of seeing this incredible miracle first hand. To know that hundreds of people prayed for her healing at First Steps and then thousands online, and many more have been praying all over the world.

Dani Johnson has touched thousands of lives, she has led hundreds to Christ. Christ is all powerful and tonight the healings and blessings that always come out of First Steps came forward to this woman, this family, and the DJC team. May God bless all those who prayed for Dani, and remember turn to Him with all your burdens, turn to Him with all your fears, turn to Him with all your pain, turn to Him with all your impossibilities. Because in Christ Jesus all things are possible.”

Hans Johnson

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“Behold, I AM the Lord, the God of ALL flesh: is there any thing too hard for me?”
Jeremiah 32: 27