Do You Brainstorm with Yourself?

I have finally launched my book 2 weeks ago and within 10 hours of it’s launch, my book “Magnetic Memorable and TRUSTED” hit Amazon Kindle Best Seller status.

Just for fun, I am sharing with you this RAW “Brainstorm” notes I did for my book launch! This is just one of the multiple notes I’ve created prior to creating a digital flowchart/mindmap. I love technology but I still prefer pouring my heart onto pen and paper…Seriously, there are sooo many pieces of this puzzle that I would have easily paid $50,000 to have someone do this for me!!!

Magnetic Memorable and TRUSTED Book Brainstorm notes

Can you believe that this simple doodle and brainstorm created the campaign for my book?

Click below to view the result of this raw brainstorm:

Why am I taking the time to go through this intense and painstaking process right now and share this with you? To encourage you to choose function over perfection and to not get caught up on making things perfect before you take action.  Wanting to be perfect first before you take action is a trap.  Just decide to move forward and do something to what it is that you’re resisting or finding difficulty in doing.

Another great thing from this experience?  My team and I decided to offer this added service to our clients so other expert entrepreneurs like you, can have an “Expert Online Authority Positioning” and start building your subscribers list, through your own published book!

Have you purchased my book?  If not, you can go to – read the rave reviews… I am really quite proud of it as I know it will give you a powerful blueprint on how you can start becoming even more “Magnetic Memorable and TRUSTED”.

Until we connect…

Cheering You On!


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