One Step Back… 5 Steps Forward

Have you ever felt like you keep on doing the same things you’ve done, yet expecting a different result?

Interestingly enough, I go through such cycles from time to time. I had the distinct privilege of taking my Mom and son on a 5 day cruise and during that time, I really felt like I was “in the dark”… detached from my normal world which includes you – my subscribers – and my personal and business connections online and offline.

However, as detached as I was, I found that I was incredibly attached to the idea of treating this cruise as an opportunity to take one step backwards so I can move 5 steps forward!

What an incredible time I had, just being there with Garrett and my Mom, just being a Mom!

The main challenge for me was experiencing “withdrawals” from not having online and phone access for 3 days!

It was such a strange feeling to not be saying “hello” to my Facebook, Twitter and LInked-In friends, nor be able to read my emails, realizing that when I do get back, I will have over 1,000 emails, voice mails, comments, tweets, direct messages to get back to.

Sure… I was tempted to spend $25/hour on the ship’s wi-fi, and trust me I came so close to buying in, but I made a conscious decision to really be in the moment with my son and not take time away from him.

Needless to say, when we got back, I didn’t have the desire to dive in head first into interacting online.  Instead, I took a deep breath, took 3 days of introspection, doing some gardening, organizing our home and creating countless mind maps!  (Thanks to my good friend Leta Russell for turning me to the Buzan Mind Mapping Program.

In my brief “hiatus”, I realized many commonalities that I know will help most online entrepreneurs like myself. Here are 5 Things That Will Help You Take 5 Steps Forward By Taking One Step Back:

  1. It’s okay to not be visible in social media for a few days.  Your friends will still “love” you…
  2. Instead of constantly “Liking” and posting on people’s Facebook Walls and Twitter timelines, take time to create your own content.
  3. Spend time with your families or those you care about, otherwise, they could become resentful of your business, especially when they don’t see you producing results while taking time away from them.
  4. Look through all the assets you already have – journals, blog posts, videos you took  at live events, etc…  Get them out there so it can help others.  And last but not least for sure…
  5. Make a conscious effort to organize, beautify and tidy-up your home… it doesn’t have to be a huge and expensive project.  Challenge yourself and make it a fun project for the family to be creative with what you have…

Quick story to share…

I have been wanting to work on our backyard for 6 months now but have been postponing it as we got a quote of almost $1,000 to put pavers and plant my favorite roses, hydrangeas, jasmines and lavender.  I made a decision that I was going to do it when we got back from the cruise and I made it a project for Garrett and I so when Gary gets back on a business trip, he will see progress…

With due diligence, I researched on where to get the best flowers for less as well as what sort of specials Home Depot was having on paver tiles and voila!  We did the project for less than $200!

So many “mini-miracles” happened to me in the past week that I will eventually share…  Right now, I just want to reach out to you and let you know it’s okay to take
one step back to take 5 steps forward.

I know… I know… there are bills to pay and at times, it requires us to “hustle” but please keep in mind, when you scoop out sand with your hands and grip it tightly, you lose a lot of sand… when you loosen your grip, you lose even more… but finding that perfect balance, you keep it all…

I challenge you to find your balance between MIND, BODY AND SPIRIT.  You come as a package… one can’t be without the other.

If you’re a bit challenged with incorporating your spirituality into your business, I invite you learn more about my Spirit Driven Marketing – combining inspiration from spirit driven personal development and specialized marketing skills to create a sustainable and successful business.

Let me know how and when you take one step back so you can take 5 steps forward.

Until we connect…

I Am Cheering You On To Your Success!

Emma 😉

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One thought on “One Step Back… 5 Steps Forward

  1. First, I’m so glad you are having fun with iMindMap. It’s amazing software! But more important is your message of finding balance and spending time with those you love. Your legacy is never the amount of things you accumulate, but in the way you impact and influence the people around you. And you are one big influencer, Emma!
    It’s awesome to see how you’ve come full circle and are truly embracing the Mind, Body, Spirit connection. God will reward your boldness and authentic message.
    It’s always so refreshing to take that time off to reflect and enjoy relationships, nature, and just being in the present. I did the same, and came back with amazing energy and am looking forward to seeing you in a few days, Emma. It will be treat to spend time with you, my Friend!