New Year… Now What?

Happy New Year! I trust you had an amazing holiday celebration! Yesterday, I took time off with my family and we drove to Pasadena to view the Rose Parade Floats, right after the parade. If you haven’t seen these floats up close, you must include this on your “Bucket List”! Here’s a picture of my family in front of the Trader Joe‘s float:

There are so many lessons learned from this years floats.  One is about “Telling Stories”.  If you’re a business owner, telling stories must be part of your communication with your clients.  It’s not always about selling anymore…. Remember, “Facts TELL, Stories SELL….”  Stories evoke engagement and humanizes the message. 

One of my favorite floats was the one by Canines with Courage (Dogs For Defense).  It has become my favorite this year because of two things:

1) It made me remember and realize that we have these unsung heroes – these dog soldiers who has helped keep our Men and Women in the Armed Forces out of harms way.  I know that through this float, there will now be more awareness and attention to them and their cause.

2)  There was this beautiful story about a returning soldier from Afghanistan who planned on surprising his wife and 3-year old son with a surprise reunion! Oh that was quite an incredible moment! As soon as the boy realized that his Dad was on the float, he ran towards him and the crowd cheered so loudly and Hosts Stephanie Edwards and Bob Eubanks – who have been anchoring this show for decades – also got choked up on the microphone.  It truly was an unforgettable moment.

I know that you’ve probably been inundated with New Year Messages already so I’ll make this one short and empowering

SoIt’s the New Year… Now What?

Every year, I have a tradition on New Year’s Day to journal about the year that was. To celebrate the victory from strategies and decisions that were good and sucessful, and to learn the lessons from those that were not so good and understand that those mistakes were there to prepare me for the next level. I also take the time to forgive those who need to be forgiven, even forgive myself as this allows me to move forward with more ease and a lighter heart with less judgment of myself and others.

Then on New Year’s Day morning, I revisit my Vision Board and my personal 13-page report on my “Clear Path To My ideal Day” – like a written vision board – as this becomes my beacon – my guide for the coming year and beyond.

Many people ask me, “Emma how do you stay so focused and succeeding faster than most people I know?” For this New Year, I’ll let you in on my top 7 “secrets”:

1) Identify and control your predominant thoughts and what you focus on during the day because your thoughts do become things.
2) Start the day asking how you can serve, more than how you can take.
3) Listen and speak from the heart.
4) Invest in a Mentor/Coach and BE a Mentor and a Coach.
5) Let go of your need for everything to be “perfect” for you to make a big move. There is nothing like the power of NOW.
6) ASK the right questions. When you’re stuck on something, don‘t say “Why do I keep on getting stuck?” Instead, ask: “What am I not willing to do that keeps me here?”
7) Always come from LOVE and GRATITUDE. Jim Rohn is still right: “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

I look forward to serving you and GROWING, SUCCEEDING and EVOLVING with you in 2013.

I have so many things in store for you… my live event, my book “Magnetic Memorable and TRUSTED” Become A Visible Online Authority for More Credibility, Clients and Cashflow” coming out next week, more webinars and V.I.P. Invitations to select events, products and resources I highly recommend
an use for my own life and business.

My clients know me as a “Get It Done” kind of Mentor... I am known to take massive actions and quantum leaps and I help my clients do the same. f you need a jumpstart for 2013, I know I can help you take A.C.T-ion this year with:

A– Accountability

C– Clarity

T- Transformation

So you can

A– Attract your ideal clients

C– Connect with them at the HEART

T- Transform yourself into a TRUSTED ONLINE AUTHORITY.

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What’s next?  It’s the best time to ponder on this:  Knowing what you now know from your 2012 experience what are you willing to do in 2013 to change your results? I am here to help you make sure that 2013 has the chance to be YOUR BEST YEAR YET!

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Until we connect…

Cheering You On To Your Success!


Emma Tiebens The Relational Marketer

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