Napoleon Hill’s Prayer

Throughout my entrepreneurial and personal life, I have experienced many levels of evolution, and not all of them are rosy and easy. Yet through it all, I have learned to find the golden lessons from them and now I’m able to embrace the next stages of evolution with joyful expectancy.

I have learned to bless each and every opportunity – both the good and not so seemingly good ones – with an open mind and something that wasn’t easy in the beginning. This one realization has made all the difference – having a Positive Mental Attitude. Napoleon Hill has been, and always will be a strong influence in my life and in how I serve people around the world. Like millions of people he has helped, I have a profound gratitude for him and his teachings.

I rediscovered Napoleon Hill’s Prayer and I created a screensaver to remind me of this prayer that has helped billions of people around the world understand the greatest power within.

“Oh Divine Providence,
I ask not for more riches
But  more wisdom with which
To make wiser use of the riches
You gave me at birth,
Consisting in the power
To control and direct my own mind
To whatever ends I desire. ”

– Napoleon Hill

Napoleon Hill spoke about the 2 Envelopes we were gifted with at birth:


  • Sound Health
  • Peace of Mind
  • Labor of Love of Your Own Choice
  • Freedom from Fear
  • Positive Mental Attitude
  • Material Riches of Your Own Choice and Quantity


  • Ill Health
  • Fear and Worry
  • Indecision and Disappointment
  • Frustration and Discouragement
  • Poverty
  • And a whole flock of evils consisting of envy, greed, jealousy, anger, hatred and superstition

I created this screensaver to remind me to always choose the Envelope #1 – the Envelope of Riches.   Why this image? It’s the vision of the loggia I want to have in my own home where I will host my “Private VIP Mastermind Retreats”.  I’d like to share my computer screensaver with you. Feel free to use it on yours too, to remind you of this “Greatest Secret” in the many books he has written through the years. Memorize this verse, take it to heart, recite this multiple times a day until you align with the ancient wisdom that is contained in it. This simple awareness will create a shift in your life as it did in mine…

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Sending you love and positive intentions for meaningful Success with Satisfaction and Significance!!!

Cheering You On!


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