My Philippines…Pliant As A Bamboo!

If you have been checking Twitter Trending Topics in the past 3 days, you would have noticed 2 keywords that have been there since. It’s “Ondoy” and Philippines. What is Ondoy? It’s a very strong and vicious typhoon that swept through the Philippines leaving over 500,000 people homeless and at least 7 cities submerged in water. In 6 hours, a month’s worth of rain poured in, making it difficult for the water to be contained.

On Friday, September 26, 2009 at around 8:00pm, my cousin called my Mom and asked if we heard what was going on. At that point, we knew that the water lever in Marikina River was going up fast! We didn’t think any of it since my family has lived near that river for 46 years and we know that it has never ever reached the 2nd story of our home so we know that my sister and nephews would be safe.

In a matter of 2 hours, my sister sent me a text message saying the water level was rising rather fast and that they will be heading upstairs until the water level goes down. Well, this time the water level didn’t go down… it kept on rising and rising… I got on Twitter to see what’s going on because at that point, the electricity was gone and the phone batteries were dead.  I started feeling fearful…got down on my hands and knees praying for protection over the Philippines and for God’s understanding that surpasses all!

In the wee hours of the morning on Sept. 27, photos started trickling in… I couldn’t sleep… wondering what’s happening to my family, my city, my country…  I was constantly monitoring Twitter and Facebook for updates.

The next day, the full extent of the devastation was featured by Yahoo News… seeing those photos just made my heart ache!  Thank goodness, I have my sister Elsa who was able to keep us up to date through Facebook.  When I saw the devastation through the photos, I knew that this disaster WAS NOTHING THAT OUR COUNTRY HAS EVER SEEN!  The impact was worst that Hurricane Katrina and the Thailand Tsunami combined!

Typhoon Ondoy or Ketsana – wiped out the Philppines and took with her,  many lives… someone’s brother, father, mother, sister, friend, son, daughter. The pain must be simply unbearable!  My spirit is still grieved and it has been 4 days…

However, one thing is for sure – JUST LIKE THE BAMBOO TREE, THE FILIPINOS ARE AS PLIANT AS THAT TREE!  I never heard anyone complain – when crisis such as this happens, we become even more united and there is compassion and faith among our people as a whole.

I prayed to God to direct me to a way to help out using the resources, talents and influences He has given me so I came up with this video to create awareness and help raise funds for Marikina City.  I am trying to reach the Mayor of Marikina to talk to her about possibilities. 

One of the first people I contacted was Dani Johnson – she was on her way back from  Bora Bora when I sent her a private message on Facebook.  In a few hours, she had a response to me to contact her trusted Administrator Cindy McFaden from  I am also grateful to Tracy Repchuk, Eric Su, Jerry Chen and Karol Kyno who acted immediately and re-tweeted my posts and gave me some marketing suggestions for my campaign. Now the wheels are in motion and God is in control….

In His own time, He will make all things new and beautiful again….

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2 thoughts on “My Philippines…Pliant As A Bamboo!

  1. Oh Roz! Thanks for taking the time to watch the video and read this post… yes, I am grateful to God almighty that my family is safe! My heart aches for those who weren’t as fortunate… I do know that somehow somewhere, there is a purpose and plan beyond all comprehension! I will be launching a fund raising campaign as soon as I find the right foundation and your wonderful tweets will be invaluable and much appreciated!

    God Bless You, Roz!

    Emma 😉