Getting Personal… My Perfect Day

My ideal day starts off really early at dawn when the birds are slowly waking up, when my family is still asleep, the morning is very peaceful and the sun is not up just yet.

I start my morning in fervent and intense prayer – prayers of gratitude, adoration, intercession and yes, some supplication.  I then read my Bible, consciously taking in the inspiration and life’s lessons.  I read peacefully as I drink my healthy shake to start my day.

Then off to a  30 minute workout, listening to inspirational or informational audio while I walk or jog on the treadmill and afterwards, I spend time doing light stretching or yoga.  I would alternate Turbo Jam and Hip Hop from time to time.

Then an aromatic, invigorating and steamy shower – using only the best, most  natural and holistic products.  Essential oils or salts and minerals from the Dead Sea – are ideal!

My closet is well organized and in there are suits, dresses, shoes, purses, and accessories from my favorite designers.  It’s such a joy and is so rewarding to put  on comfortable yet exquisite “work” clothes made from the finest fabric and materials. They make me feel amazing!

I then join my family for a healthy breakfast in our breakfast nook, overlooking the ocean. My Mom joins us too, as she lives with us. We enjoy a delicious and healthy breakfast, planning with joyful expectancy, what wonderful things we will do our best to accomplish for the day.

We say good-bye to Daddy as he goes to work doing what he loves.  He looks amazing as he too finds the time to work-out and take care of himself.  He’s wearing beautifully custom-fitted and tailored slacks and shirts, and shoes from his favorite Italian designers.  He also loves driving his new black Mercedes Benz CL550 Coupe.

I take Garrett to school in my very tidy, tan on black Range Rover Evoque. My car is equipped with all the technology to make it a portable office and a rolling “university”.  In the car, Garrett and I talk more about life lessons and his passions.  We also chat about any concerns he may have about anything!   On my way home, I have some more conversations with God in my car and I feel so focused and empowered to face the day!

When I get back to the house, I go to my garden to pick up fresh blooms of – white, lilac, yellow and red roses, lavenders and peonies – I put them in a beautiful vase on my desk and as I begin my day, I light up more aromatic candles and scents.

I spend 30 minutes saying “hello” to my social media friends and give them words of encouragement while sipping my organic Cafe Latte or Pleine Lune tea from Mariage Freres – my favorite Tea House in Paris, France!

Then, I spend another hour going through my emails and replying succinctly and effectively where the people I come in contact with are able to move forward and generate results and I do to.

I also get to freely write “big” checks to specific special causes that are near and dear to my heart as I get to give at least 10% of every income I generate!

I also get to hand write Thinking of You, Thank You, Get Well, Birthday or simply a Just Because cards to the relationships that make my life better.

I then focus the remaining 4 hours creating strategies, articles, videos and working with clients, giving them tasks to move forward.  I am also creating tasks and fresh daily action items and plans for my  Core Team and Executive Assistants so they too will have plenty of work to do and assure them of having a consistent income generation stream.

I pick up Garrett from school, then we either go to the park, library or just go on a date… Perhaps even a little bit of shopping or grab some Boba or Tea and just hang out and talk about EVERYTHING!

We come home, he does his homework, then I get to check it as I – or our Family’s Chef – creates gourmet meals for us and sets the table.

Gary comes home right on time around 5:30 to spend time with Garrett and do Dad/Son stuff – basketball, karate or simply sit and talk about Math and History.  From time to time, I get to join them but for the most part, this is their time together.  While they have “Dude Time”, I get back to check on some of my emails and perhaps do my webshows or host my webinars.

We then have candle-lit sit-down dinners just having amazing conversations… laughing… appreciating… loving…

After dinner, we choose what we want to do – go to the hot tub, watch Food Channel or simply take turns reading Bible Stories or other Inspirational Stories, Spirit Driven or Personal Development books.  As Garrett matures, we can add some business and marketing books in the mix.

We tuck Garrett in, say our prayers and I get to spend quality and meaningful time with my husband, getting at least 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep!

I wake up the next day, refreshed and eager to get my day started again because it’s full of love, opportunity and potential for inspiration and positive impact!  I also feel great knowing that I have enough flexibility in my day because I have this in the order of my priorities:

God First.
Family Second
Business Third

Are my priorities perfect?  Not quite… Am I on target?  Absolutely!  It’s just a matter of time but I am feeling these as though they are already happening now!

How does your perfect day look like?  I urge you to create one, otherwise, you will continue to do the same things you’ve done, yet expecting drastic change…

This is just a start for me… I intend to make this as specific as possible, down to the color and texture of fabrics and the aroma and taste of the food and the scent of my bath gels!

Please share yours!!! If you ever need help in leveraging your time or cutting back on some long learning curves in your business, please let me know.

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I will share with you time tested strategies and blueprint that has enabled me to continue creating and moving towards “My Perfect Day” and you can do it too!

Until We Connect..

I Am Cheering You On To Your Success!

Emma 😉

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