MPower Workshop San Diego

with Emma Tiebens and Dr. Tess Mauricio

Quite a memorable evening being the Featured Speaker at the MPower Workshop with Dr. Tess Mauricio at her M Beauty by Dr Tess in San Diego. . This is one of her 4 clinics and they recently opened one in Beverly Hills! The media refers to Dr. Tess as “America’s Favorite Dermatologist” and for good reason. Check out her media page! They really know how to pamper their guests. They had a beautiful and elegant created appetizer and beverage spread courtesy of Jay from Encore Catering & Events . What an honor to be able to serve your clients and community!

Thank you so much Dr. Tess, Richard Mauricio, Liza Castillo and your M Beauty by Dr Tess Team for hosting this event and having me share my life’s work on “Magnetism, Media, Marketing, Monetization and Making A Difference. I love your guests. I’m thrilled to meet them! Thank you to my dear friend Robert San Luis for joining us and driving down to San Diego with me. So great to see my friend JulieAnn Engel for joining us too! Thank you to all who attended – they were so fully engaged and it truly energized tonight’s presentation! Thank you also for the generous gifts – my Venus Freeze treatment and my Refinity Skin Care Set! I feel so pampered! Let me know how else I may serve you! Sending love to you all!!

I look forward to our video interview at your Beverly Hills Clinic and hosting one of my Meetups there! Thanks again sooooo much!

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