Main Street Marketing Machines Fusion 2.0

You’ve Invested Thousands of Dollars and Countless Hours Learning and Implementing Social Media Yet You’re Probably

Wondering: “What’s Next?”

It is by no co-incidence that you’re on this page!



Hi, my name is Emma Tiebens.  I am an Author, Speaker and Online Marketing Consultant. I have consulted with and partnered up with the best of the best and have generated substantial income doing so.

Why do I care to share this with you? Because if you’re reading this, chances are that:

  • You’re already in business
  • You’re already using social media marketing.
  • You’re familiar with email and video marketing
  • You’re  spending time daily on Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In.
  • You’ve already built or are a part of a “tribe” or online community.
  • We share the same mentors.
  • We’ve purchased the same courses (and most are still unopened)

To be absolutely blunt and honest with you, I also know for a fact that:

You are NOT generating enough money to substantiate
the time, money and resources spent to acquire the skills
you now
have and you spend countless hours, wondering:

“What more do I have
to do, learn or invest in to finally succeed at having a PROFITABLE
and REAL online marketing business?”

How do I know this?  Because I’ve been there… I know how I
felt doubt and uncertainty, constantly questioning whether
I was cut out for online marketing…

UNTIL I discovered this “Best Kept Secret”I am about to reveal to you…

My secret is a program called Traffic Geyser, Founded
by my good friend and Mentor, Mike Koenigs.

(Jerry Chen, Mike Koenigs, Emma Tiebens)

Traffic Geyser is my “best kept secret” which which has
enabled me to build an incredible business and helped
me go “From Zero To Online Hero” in a very short time.

Please don’t get me wrong… I don’t say “From Zero To Online Hero”

to pat myself on the back… I can say this with so much pride

because with my specialized skills, I was able to help turn businesses around –

and now, YOU CAN TOO!

Here are my Prized Relationships!

How did I do that?  Through Traffic Geyser’s simplified
system and step-by-step instructions, I was able to generate
thousands of dollars when I learned and implemented how to:

  • Create endless marketing campaigns
  • Submit viral videos monetizing my message
  • Trained entrepreneurs to profit from their expertise
  • Successfully branded myself as The Relational Marketer
  • Joint Ventured with Industry Leaders who were my heroes
  • Generate thousands of dollars creating campaigns for clients
  • Become a “Go-To” Local Online Video Marketing Consultant
  • Have clients’ businesses appear on the top pages of Google
  • The list is endless!

Shortly you’ll be hearing about a big launch
for a product called “Main Street Marketing Machines Fusion 2.0”.

While I don’t expect you to find tremendous value just as I have, I encourage you to at least watch Mike Koenig’s very short video on WHY THIS MAKES PERFECT SENSE!

This is one of those product offerings I simply had to tell you about.

By the way… when you decide that this is something you would like to have in your life,



“Because I celebrate those who take action!

Honestly, I thought long and hard before I decided to share my best kept secret with you.  Sharing this with more people could mean more competition for me…

“Why did I really chose to share this with you?”

It’s because I hurt for local businesses and I know collectively we can turn this country around!

Did you know that there are  29.6 million local small businesses
in the USA alone that need help with their online marketing?

Do you know what they would say even if you only had a little online
marketing experience?

“Will You Help Me?”

Why should you consider helping these local businesses?

It’s really simple.

They need more leads and customers but don’t know

how to get them.

Here’s the kicker – you probably don’t think you don’t know much yet but reality is;

No matter how much experience you have marketing online, you’re an EXPERT compared to them!

Marketing for local small businesses could be the simplest way to bring the following
into your life:

* Less Work

* More Time with Your Family

* More Income Doing What You Already Love

You could be making anywhere from $500 to $20,000 per month
working part-time or full-time helping local small businesses market themselves online and have you generate profits you never thought possible!

Who is making that type of income doing this? Not just the GURUS, Authors, Speakers, Coaches, Professionals but:

* School Teachers

* Truck Drivers

* Insurance Salesman

* Widows

* Housewives

* Firemen

*  Network Marketers

* And all types of people with little
or no experience.

I don’t expect you to take my word for it.

My friend and Mentor Mike Koenigsis the most  knowledgeable
person I know in this area and has a proven system called

Main Street Marketing Machines.

He’s offering a free video course on marketing for local small businesses.

All you have to do is Click Below to access this course:

Main Street Marketing Machines Fusion 2.0
There are no hoops to jump through once you do this.

Just click the Instant Access button after entering %email% into the field
and the first video is shown immediately.

You can unsubscribe anytime, but I can assure you that the entire course will blow you away.

Sign up now for instant access and I look forward to connecting with you.

Click Here Now: Main Street Marketing Machines Fusion 2.0 Video

Talk soon,
Emma Tiebens

Author, Speaker, Online Marketing Consultant

The Relational Marketer

P.S.  Mike means it when he said that this course on marketing for local small businesses won’t be up forever
so go watch it now.

Click Here Now:  Main Street Marketing Machines Fusion 2.0 Video

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