M.O.T.H.E.R – #WorldsToughestJob

This video, #WorldsToughestJob by American Greeting Cards moved me to tears!  It is absolutely brilliant! So brilliant that it has now been viewed almost 19 Million times as of this writing! If you’re a mother or someone who appreciates and loves a mother in your life, I know this will move you too!

When I was in 2nd grade, I learned a song entitled M.O.T.H.E.R. that just stuck with me through the years as I would sing it randomly, every time I would think about how much I love my Mom.

M – is for the Million things she gave me

O – means that I Owe her all I own.

T – is for the Tears she she to save me.

H -is for her Heart of purest gold.

E – is for her Eyes with love-light shining.

R – means Right and right she’ll always be.

Put them all together they spell MOTHER, a word that means the world to me!

However, when I was in my 20’s I made a decision that was based on intense fears.  I decided that did not want to become a Mom.  My reasoning was that it seemed very complicated and more importantly, I didn’t think I was capable of becoming a good Mom.  I didn’t know how to cook, maintain a home nor care for a young life. Moreso, carry that huge weight in my belly for 9 months, and the most scary reason of all, was to find the perfect mate who will help me rear that life!  When my friends would ask me, “Why don’t you want to have children, Emma?”  My reply would be:

“The world is already filled with much grief, anguish, betrayal and confusion, I didn’t need to add to that misery by bringing in another life…”

Gosh, as I type that sentence, I have goosebumps. I didn’t realize how negative I was then!  It was a time in my life when I was having so much fun, traveling and exploring the world as a Flight Attendant, yet only in the beginning of my personal, spiritual and mental growth curve!  It took mustering a lot of energy and of course, choosing the right person to co-parent with, for me to get past that enormous fear of being a Mother.

The irony of it all, was that when I finally got married, and decided to have a child, I was told I couldn’t.  I did everything modern science could offer.  After many corrective surgeries, 3 InvitroFertilization and countless insemination procedures – costing us thousands of dollars – I I conceived 3 times, only to end up in miscarriages.  One was a 16-week old baby girl who died in utero.  That was truly one of the most devastating time in my life!  I thought to myself, perhaps this is what I get for not wanting to have a child all those years.

Just then, God gave me a miracle!  We decided to for a short vacation in Manila, Philippines to forget about all the baby stuff.  We just had fun with my family there, and spent lots of time babysitting my nieces and nephews.  A month after we came back from the Philippines, the doctor gave me the great news! I was pregnant again and this time, this baby was conceived naturally…

My pregnancy was rather difficult.  I was going to school for post-graduate studies at the University of California in Irvine.  I finished all my classes except for one and was preparing for the Board Exams when my doctor said, “You must discontinue everything you’re doing for the next 9 months and that includes going to school.”   I was so sad as I had put it so many hours into becoming a Certified Financial Planner, but at that time I would sacrifice anything to ensure that this baby thrives within me.

My pregnancy was riddled with difficulties and challenges and on the day of delivery, my baby and I almost died.  I didn’t know I had ruptured uterus.  I wrote about that story so please click here if  you want to experience that day with me – “Our Miracle Son – A Purpose for My Second Life”

Today is my 12th Mother’s Day since my beautiful son Garrett was born and everyday that we get to live is truly a miracle – a gift.  I didn’t realize that I could love someone so much that his mere presence in my life keeps me wanting to be, do and have more!  Garrett showed me what true unconditional love looks like and he is the reason I grew so much – emotionally, spiritually and mentally.  Motherhood didn’t come with an instruction book and yes, there are times when Moms really lose ourselves and sacrifice so much, but boy oh boy, the rewards are immeasurable!

Yesterday, he surprised me with a beautiful Cactus Terrarium while browsing through the Irvine Farmer’s Market after yoga.

Look at these beautiful cacti arrangement, meticulously positioned in its place using chopsticks, by a lovely lady who does this with so much love, creativity and patience!

Here we are for an early morning swim on Mother’s Day.

My journey with Garrett in pursuit of our Life’s Purpose has just begun and we are saying “Yes!” to opportunities and the unfolding.  What’s ahead for us as Inspirational Speakers is world travel, impacting many lives along the way.  We are having the best time of our lives, yet we know that the best is still yet to come!

Motherhood in my opinion is the #WorldsToughestJob, yet I will not exchange the experience and my boss/associate for all the gold in the world! Happy Mother’s Day to you and all the amazing “Director of Operations” whom you know and love!

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