Lessons From A Chinese Bamboo Tree…

As I sit here in bed enjoying a peaceful sunrise from my bedroom window (after supervising a sleep over last night),  I reviewed past entries from my journal and came across a time when I wrote about the Lessons from a Chinese Bamboo Tree…

I remember about 3 years ago, as I wondered why things weren’t happening as fast as I would like in my business,  a good friend of mine shared with me this story.

To plant a Chinese Bamboo tree,   you prepare the soil, pick the right spot, then plant the seed. You water it and wait… and wait… and wait…  You continue to water it for  an entire year and nothing appears. No bud, no sprout, nothing.   So you keep watering and diligently mark the area taking care of a plant that should be there but you just couldn’t see.  Oh sure, people told you it’s going to take a while for it to sprout and you’re okay with that because you believe that if you nurture it, someday, you’ll have this beautiful tree.

Year 2, you continue to care for the  plant, and you wait some more. You wait another year and nothing still happens. Okay, you are a persistent person not prone to giving up, but to see no results is making you doubt if there truly is growth happening underneath that soil… However, you have heard many success stories of other people around you who have planted the same seed.  You are deeply inspired by their story so you continue to water, nurture the soil and perhaps even talking to the ground and begging for the seeds to start showing some growth!

Now, it has been three years. You started doubting and waivering, saying to yourself, am I a special kind of fool, believing in something that was too far fetched?  Then you start checking out other seeds of plants that don’t take that long to grow.  You thought to yourself, what if there was a similar plant out there that will give you better results for less effort?  Why not just plant a dandelion  where you see immediate signs of growth in days?  You wonder why you had to pick a Chinese Bamboo.  You start losing sight of your purpose and your faith starts to diminish…You decided to re-commit yourself for the entire third year.

Now you’re going on four years and your becoming more disillusioned and are experiencing a deeper sense of  doubt, frustration, anger.  You started wondering,

“Is it how I water that’s causing the seed not to grow?”

“Perhaps, my faith isn’t strong enough for the tree to grow.”

“I should probably raise my energy vibration to the seed will feel it.”

“Could it be that I am hanging out with crazy gardeners who are lying to me?”

“Am I just too proud to accept defeat and nothing is really going to come out from this?”

“This couldn’t be my fault… my family should have supported me more.

You were short of going crazy but you decided that you’ve already spend time and lots of dedication and effort toward this plant and that you will continue to give it your best care for another year.  In fact, you told yourself, this is the year when you will think only positive thoughts and will focus on seeing the bamboo as if it was already grown, providing you with such beautiful and refreshing shade and symbolic of something which seemed unattainable yet now in your possession.  You started truly experiencing the bamboo as it it was already there!

Year five, the magic year.  People said you’ll see growth for sure.  So now, you’re confident.  You can proudly say that if you don’t see results this year, you’ll stop watering, confidently give up on the idea, knowing that you did your best and just write off the experience as a time to strengthen and test your faith and perseverance.  You begin year number five with the same passion as day number one. You water, you wait. You keep watering and keep waiting. You water some more and then…

Could it be?

Is it really?

Am I seeing what I’m seeing?

Yes!!!  There it is, something sticking out of the dirt. It’s a tiny green stub!  You started doing the happy dance!  You wanted to spend the night there and spend each and every moment with your bamboo! You were so excited to finally see results, no matter how small it was… As excited as you were about seeing results, you wondered if it’s going to take you another 4 years to see the bamboo grow to at least 4 feet.

You come back the next day and WOW it has really grown! It seemed like it grew by 2 feet overnight!  In fact you come back each day for about six weeks and it kept on growing and growing and each time you see it grow, you are moved to tears because you are absolutely blown away by how fast it grows.  It’s short of magical and miraculous to see a tree do that!

Finally after 6 weeks, the  Chinese Bamboo tree stops growing— you measure and now, it is over 80 feet tall! Yes, 80 feet in six weeks!

Really? Did it really grow 80 feet in 6 weeks?

No… it grew 80 feet in five years!

As business owners, we are all nurturing our own Chinese Bamboo seeds and our desired outcome is for them them to grow into the majestic, awe-inspiring, empowering and mighty Chinese Bamboo Tree.

I continue to see major sprouts in my own Chinese Bamboo Tree… the specialized education, relationships and success stories I continue to create with happy and successful clients gives me that excitement and anticipation for the 80 ft. growth ahead through my VIP Programs and Offerings as well as speaking on Relationship Marketing, globally.

If you’re looking for a Success, Accountability and Results Driven Coach and Consultant, I can help you.  Click on the tab above Work With Emma, and I look forward to helping you nurture your own Chinese Bamboo within!

Cheering You On To Your Success!


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9 thoughts on “Lessons From A Chinese Bamboo Tree…

  1. Hi Emma,

    I read about this bamboo many years ago and thank you for this wonderful,and timely reminder about the fact it takes time to grow….to continue to grow and develop.

    I always appreciate your fantabulous posts and will keep watering and feeding of your nurturing information.

    You’re just awemazing 🙂

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  3. i must admit this is moving a friend of mine just sent me a multi paged text of this and i had to look it up and there it was your website will a deeper insight so what did i do, i shared in on twitter,favourited the link and then cameback to read the rest of it. For my entire life this story makes sense the most for me as i try to juggle iChallenges (my Challenges) from all facets, its been a year since i finished college and been trying to set up a business in technology, i just found out that what i learnt in college is only but the seed, the soil is me the person and i am required to water the two with more knowledge than i ever thought i would have to acquire before i write that successful full blown software/application that i will be proud of, evryday since i was 13 i wanted this and i must admit the idea of the grown tree is more appealing to many that the seed,soil,watering(am not responsible for any pun in the three nouns i just mentioned) are the hardest to tender for. Honestly am Glad i read this here,and now am gonna work harder and smarter and be patient remembering that the virtue in patience is also rooted in how you behave while waiting for the results, – i wont sell out! Regards