Meeting Jason Stephenson – A Reunion of Kindred Spirits

Magnetic and Memorable Show

Every so often – yet ever so rarely – someone comes into our lives and we just know instantly that something about them resonates with us, that they literally feel like a part of us… Such is the case with my new “old” friend Jason Stephenson from Australia who is the Founder of and is someone I fondly refer to as a “YouTube Rockstar” because he has 157,000 Subscribers to date – and growing fast – and his channel now has over 25 Million views!

This is no easy feat to accomplish especially in a very short time! His well thought out and meticulously produced Guided Meditation Videos, where he uses his own voice to walk someone through various meditation needs is simply incredible!  What really makes him even more of a “Rockstar”, to so many,  is his dedication to respond and reply to almost all the comments he receives throughout his social media platforms. Here’s his YouTube Channel –

Jason is the creative genius behind his company which produces some of the finest online Meditation and Affirmation videos for all ages, including babies! Four months ago, I bumped into one of his videos, which created a huge shift in my heart! Garrett Tiebens also started watching his videos and he was truly impressed with how Jason goes out of his way to create quality videos and personally engage with his audience. I reached out to him just to say, “Thank you” for creating this beautiful videos and we started talking about life, business, spirituality, family, humanity….

We discovered we had so many things in common – we were both International Flight Attendants, our first entrepreneurial endeavors revolved around crystals and gemstones, we sing the same songs, we share many of the same mentors, and we find joy in using the power of video to help uplift, inspire, empower and equip people with necessary tools to discover and embrace who they really are, so they can share their story and make a difference.

We finally had the chance to meet Jason, in person! The moment we all saw each other, the energetic connection was palpable and very strong! It was as though the three of us have known each other for many, many years. The familiarity of spiritual connection felt as though we’ve already connected many lifetimes.

This being his first visit back to Los Angeles after 30 years, we decided to take him to the Getty Center, where he saw his first Van Gogh painting, “Irises”, then to the Griffith Observatory where we got to see the mind blowing “Centered In The Universe Show” at the Samuel Oschiin Planetarium which is one of the finest planetariums in the world!

From Los Angeles, we headed to “The Happiest Place on Earth” – Disneyland! With the sun about to set, we decided it would be smarter use of our time to explore Downtown Disney. We dined at Rainforest Cafe, strolled around Downtown Disney and even got to see the fireworks! What a treat that was!

It was getting late and it was time to take him back to his hotel. We had such an amazing time together we didn’t want it to end without an interview so we can share it with our friends and subscribers. So we found a relatively quiet corner, set up our cameras, tripod and mics and we just started talking! The result was a very exciting, raw, real and revelatory interview of each other which we will be sharing shortly.

Click on the link below for photos from our day that we would love to share with all of you, especiallly to Jason’s family and friends who are waiting for his updates. We send you love across the miles!

Photo Album: Meeting Jason Stephenson – A Meeting of Kindred Spirits

Our first meeting was definitely a reunion of kindred spirits and I know this is just the beginning of a meaningful friendship and collaborative projects together!  Please check out our gallery of pictures from the day we all met.

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT to Jason’s subscribers, both old and new – he will be in Los Angeles for a Meetup at the Millennium Biltmore in Downtown LA on Monday, Oct. 26, 2015 from 1:30pm – 3:30pm so please come join us there!

Blessings to you Jasonji! Much love and great big hugs to you!!!

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