Is There A “Perfect” Internet Marketing System For Network Marketers?

If there was truly a way to create the perfect Internet Marketing System for Network  Marketers,  I  believe it has to have the following:


1)         Access to leads – generated or Organic, that is directed  to our pre-designed Capture Page that is high converting.

2)          Once they Opt In, we will get notified and we connect with them via:


a)      Thank You Page and Autoreponder with Bribe to Opt-In for More Information AND/OR


b)      Call them immediately and contact them using the techniques “Kirsh Kylebaum” teaches.  Depending on whether they already have an existing business or not, we offer them:


a)      Funded proposal system teaching them to become an Alpha Networker

b)      Get them signed up directly to our primary business. 


3)          Once they get started, we teach them:


a)      How to become effective on the phone

b)      How to activate their own Lead Capture page and thank you page using templates.

c)      How to create and activate their personal Blog where they will have a choice of affiliate links and banners that will be automatically set up for them.  Also, a Training Page that includes video lessons, which are basically just an OVERVIEW of on :


1)      Getting a Domain Name

2)      Social media (Facebook, Twitter)

3)      Updating their Blog – content/photos

4)      Teach them how to link their company replicated site in the Blog

5)      How to set up a You Tube Account

6)      What is Pay Per Click and SEO

7)      Traffic Geyser

8)      Select from various affiliate links and banners


4)          They will have to choose on how they would like to build their business:


a)      Would they like to buy exclusive leads?

b)      Contact their friends and family – (in extreme and rare occasions;)

c)      Would they like to generate their own via:


1)      PPC or SEO

2)      Traffic Geyser

3)      Give them training on  how to call their prospects. 


We will give them statistics on pros and cons of each system and depending on which of the 3 systems they choose to use, we will give them a cost breakdown how much each system would cost before hand so they can actually see what they are getting into.


5)          To build relationships with new people, create an exclusive and interactive site where they can get access to FAQs and upcoming webinars or teleseminars to keep team together… 


Like I said, this is just my personal overview. 


I believe that a detailed “How To” is good but if there is a system in place – capture page, thank you page, blog page – before hand, where the new person doesn’t have to learn how to actually create their own pages and blog and can just pay a sum to have it all done for them, this could be powerful and empowering!  This is where I believe people struggle most.  The only input we would need from them is the info they want on their personal info and the affiliate products they want to promote.


            This perfect system will blend hi-tech and hi-touch and will help people get profitable sooner than most systems out there, via their own chosen biz ops or through affiliate marketing.