Is The Duplication You’re Duplicating, Duplicable?

As many of you know, I spent a few weeks “cleaning up my messes”. Once I did that, it’s as if a heavy veil was lifted off from above me!

So, it was during my “purging” moments when I realized what’s the missing piece to my “duplication puzzle” – it was my understanding on my personal Marketing Flow or Sales Funnel!

So this weekend, I opened up my MLM Traffic Formula Manual by Mike Dillard. As my husband and son headed for the beach and the pool, I immersed myself in Traffic Formula.  As I read the manual last Sunday – I was so excited that I read all the way to page 160, highlighting, taking notes and finally understanding the flow! Everything I have done in the last 8 months have finally come together!

Yesterday, I decided to revisit Attraction Marketer’s Manifesto and Renegade Network Marketer eBooks by Ann Sieg and Mike Klingler. I read both books in 2 hours! All of a sudden, the clouds parted!  Everything that Mike Dillard, Ann Sieg  and Mike Klingler have been talking about all these years are still the same processes that bring people success time and time again.

Part of me felt a tinge of regret on why I didn’t implement those teachings right away but a part of me also said that “the present is perfect” because the reason I have learned and implemented so much in 6 months is because I DID do something! Even if what I was doing didn’t make much sense to my husband when he would ask me “How does Twitter tie in to what you do?” or “How will blogging generate you income?” I still knew that I was doing something towards the greater vision.
So yesterday for the very first time, I created my very own personal and simplified Marketing Flow and Sales Funnel. And you know what I found out? That the missing piece to everything that I do boiled down to this one simple thing – not having an effective Email Follow Up Campaign! Now that I know what I know, watch out world! 😉

This will be the very foundation where my marketing focus will be and implementation of these skills is what I will be making sure to teach my clients. This is where my exclusive “Accountability Timeline” will be based in – “the duplication I am duplicating will now be duplicable, indeed! ”

I am excited to share this illustration! I apologize in advance if it’s not too legible…I will write it out one of these days so it’s more readable. I will include this in one of my email updates I will email it to my subscribing friends down the road. If you want to be included in our weekly email update list, please go to and you will also receive immediate access to 10 videos that will teach you “How To Become A True Relational Marketer” to help you attract your perfect clients!


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