Inspired Conversations on Magnetic Brand Marketing

Hosted by Amy Schuber

I’m so absolutely proud of this truly passionate, REAL, RAW and and REVELATORY podcast interview on “Inspired Conversations” with my dear friend and Podcast Host, Amy Schuber. This is truly one of the best interviews I have given. Please Subscribe to Amy’s Podcast on iTunes as she has interviewed a record breaking 176 thought leaders, celebrities and movement makers in just over a year! I’m so proud of her! Subscribe to her podcast on iTunes here :

Amy shares: “Emma’s mission is to help remind you that “Your Story Matters”, because it is in your stories that your best life lessons are learned. It is in these stories that you create a heart-connection with the people who are already waiting to hear from you. While she is a Clarity Coach and Magnetic Brand Marketing Strategist, she speaks on and writes about these topics: Personal Development, Inspiration, Personal Branding, Passion and Purpose, Empowerment, Leadership, Productivity, Parenting, Platform, and Publishing.

In this Inspired Conversation Emma will share with you:

– How to C.A.R.E. (Compassion, Appreciation/Acknowledgement, Reciprocity & Empathy) online and offline so you can become magnetic

– How to use the #1 most powerful marketing tool you probably already have in your hands – your smart phones!

– The Anatomy of a post – How to create posts that engage ( Where am I, Why am I thinking about you? (make it meaningful), Call To Action

– Discover what to post and what not to post and when to post.

– How to leverage social media without being too salesy, she’s an expert in teaching you how to build a magnetic global platform using and simplifying the tools.

– Simplify your marketing with the “The Emma 5” for engagement, positioning and monetization.

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Photo Credits: Sontri Vista of Vista Sight-n-Sound Productions – Thank you Sontri!

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