When You Feel “Alone” At Christmas… Do This

The Holiday Season – Christmas in particular – is my favorite time of the year.  I have many reasons why it is so.  I have lived my entire life, experiencing this season as a time of celebration, appreciation, gratitude, beauty, flavors, sentiments and great promise of peace, joy and love.  Despite the flurry of activities that are rather stressful at times, there is still that feeling of time standing still, or relishing memories, of finding a sliver of joy from reminiscing times gone by.

Most of you who have been reading my posts, may realize by now that I am a very optimistic person. That inspiration, motivation, empowerment, relationships and a positive mental attitude is what I aspire to live, breathe and share with my son Garrett. During the holidays however, I couldn’t help not think of the many millions of people who will be celebrating this holiday season by themselves.

I am sensitive to that because I have been there and being alone during the holidays is truly an experience that has taught me so many lessons, especially the realization of choosing to find happiness from within rather that expecting happiness from the people around me nor from the gifts that were given to me.  Regret and remorse truly are 2 powerful emotions that we have to watch out for this holiday season.

When I left the Philippines to make California, USA my home 26 years ago, I just knew that spending the holidays by myself would be my new norm, though interestingly enough, every year, was “adopted” by different families so I didn’t have to spend all my Christmases by myself.  When I started working as a Flight Attendant, I remembered spending Christmas Eve either on an airplane or at restaurant with my fellow crew members, and yes a few Christmases by myself with just cheese, crackers, a bottle of wine, Christmas movies and a phone to at least wish my friends and family Merry Christmas on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

If you have family and friends to share this holiday season with, be absolutely grateful, show appreciation and love on them.  If you know people who don’t have families around, be sensitive to them and perhaps, even invite them over if at all possible.

If you happen to be spending your Christmas alone this year, please find the time to look within , and say to yourself, “I love you… You and I are enough just by ourselves and together we will have a wonderful Christmas and holiday season no matter what.  If you believe in God, Universe, Higher Source, Infinite Intelligence, Archangels, Jesus, Mama Mary, include them in your “party”. Align with their beautiful energies and seek them.  Then on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, get on social media – where you would normally engage – whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube –  and start engaging and have a virtual party where you are chatting with people in real time!  I’ve done it before and it was really fun!   Personally, I too will be engaging on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day so if you’re around, come say “Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays”.  Let’s have a virtual party!

Know that you are very, very special and that you are absolutely loved.  Your life has meaning and you are here for a greater purpose.  Some of it may have already been revealed and some may have yet to be discovered.   Stay inspired, stay hopeful and remember, Napoleon Hill said that the #1 of the 12 Real Riches that we were given at birth is a Positive Mental Attitude.  We may not have much control over our financial situation, our health or our relationships and the one thing we do have control of the state of our mind.  We can choose self-pity, regret and negativity or we can choose joy, compassion, forgiveness of ourselves and others, and most of all, LOVE.

Here’s wishing you and your families a beautiful and blessed Christmas, a truly memorable and meaningful Holiday Season and a bright New Year 2016 – filled with success with satisfaction and significance!

Love, Blessings and Great Big Virtual Hugs to You!


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One thought on “When You Feel “Alone” At Christmas… Do This

  1. Ahhhh, my friend! So wonderful to see you and to receive this Christmas wish from you… I wish you and your family all the happiness and love in the world over this holiday season. I LOVE Kenny G music too!!

    Thank you so much for your inspiration over this past year. I truly value you as a human being.

    Much love… always,