“I Love You Too Much, To Let You Stay That Way”

The Relational Marketer

"True LOVE comes with great discipline and sacrifice"

It has been 5 days since I’ve had any social media activity or blog post and I truly am having withdrawals!  Now more than ever, I realized how I truly appreciate my TRUE FRIENDS out there, who continue to support me with comments on my blog and on my Wall…

Please know that while I haven’t had a chance to comment, I sooo appreciate each and everyone of you and I promise I will to get back to all your comments in 2-3 weeks!  I am so blown away by your encouraging love and for taking the time to leave your wonderful comments which continue to inspire me!

The reason I have taken a forced “hiatus” from my Blog, Facebook and Twitter and social media presence was because for the past week I have spent my time and will continue:

1) Scouring Craigslist and MLS Searches looking for a new home to move into in 13 days before close of escrow!
2) Researching and scheduling movers for estimates.
3) Purging our 3,100 sq. ft home to fit in a home 1/2 that size.
4) Taking Garrett to his Reading Bootcamp and Math Sessions
5) Contacting friends, old housekeepers and gardeners who might be able to use some of our stuff or share it with those who need them most.
6) Planning and creating spreadsheets numbering the bins, tubs and boxes so movers will know which rooms they will go to in the new house.
7) Calling utility companies, etc. to open and close accounts
8) Change of address requests .
9) Sorting every piece of item in the house – Keep, Store, Donate, Throw Out
10) Last but not least, when I thought things couldn’t get any worse, I had to coordinate with our wonderful CPA about the unexpected “love letter” we received from Uncle Sam that they would like to “review our ’07 and ’08 tax returns! How’s that for a cake topper?  We’re not concerned at all as we do our best to stay in honor… I’m just wondering about the timing as I have to dig into my files and prepare for it on top of everything else!

Okay, most of you who read my blog and and know me personally understand that that I love writing about positive, uplifting and motivating stuff.  However, I do believe that while I am going through a situation that probably most  Americans are going through right now, I am hoping that my posts regarding our current plight will somewhat bring a glimmer of hope to many.

I chose to be transparent and share our story because I believe that THERE ARE A LOT OF PEOPLE HURTING OUT THERE – people who are looking for people like them, whose story could empower them and let them know they’re not alone.  People who found themselves spiraling and wondering what happened to their dreams and why the rug was pulled off right from underneath them.

I am speaking about people of integrity and pride,  who really work hard, are diligent, have dreams and are doing what they can to move towards those dreams.  People who are committed to never give up on their dreams –

And yet… they find success highly elusive…

From time to time, I have many questions… why this, why that… how did this happen?  Why to us?  We’re good people, we give unconditionally, we know our faith is strong and we’re committed to living our lives on purpose with the “Spirit of Excellence”… why did this still happen to us?

Every time I ask that question,  I hear this phrase over and over in my head….   It’s a phrase a trusted friend and spiritual advisor told me 3 years ago on what God must be saying to me as I go through trials in my life:

“I love you too much to let you stay that way….  I love you WAAAY TOO MUCH to make you stay that way….”

Then it dawned on me, as a parent, I know how to love and I know how to discipline.  There is a fine balance. If I know my child is straying, I know that there is discipline coming.

Looking back through the highs and lows of my life, every event – good or bad – has had a major lesson, a purpose and produced results.  For every trial, there always has been a corresponding triumph.

Like my Mentor Joel Bauer says, “Problems = Happiness” – overtime you solve a problem you become happy until the next problem comes along.  I am a living proof of that… I used to be afraid of problems but now I realized they are part of what shapes my life!

How is the finest gold purified? Through fire! I believe that God has a way of “purifying” us and removing the dross or the yucky black stuff that makes the gold dull.  Some people call it pruning – and like anything else, when something is trimmed out of you, it can hurt.

I compare it to a butterfly coming out of the cocoon… it’s so uncomfortable but the only way for a caterpillar to become a butterfly and be able to fly high is by going through that cocoon…

What about you? What areas in your life are you being asked to change? What areas are you getting disciplined lately?

Perhaps it’s time to listen to what it is that you need to change in your life so you can get different results?  What are you holding on so tightly that could potentially be holding you back from success?

Is it fear, clutter, doubt, procrastination, feeling of not being good enough? Or could it be ignorance with money, living beyond your means or what we say in the Philippines,

“Counting your chicks before your eggs are hatched.”

If you relate to what I wrote here, you must be wondering the same thing: “What do I need to change?  Where should my focus be?  How would I know I am on the right path?

I can’t really answer for you… all I know is that when my priorities shifted from:


And switched to:


I heard this message even louder!

“I love you too much to let  you stay that way…”

Just the knowing that I am loved, is enough to strengthen me.  On top of that, I also get a huge bonus of knowing that there are plans to prosper me beyond my wildest imaginings waiting for me and that after this is said and done I will come out with stronger faith and character…

And the stronger I become, the more people I can help empower!  I know in 3 weeks, I will be back with MORE clarity and MORE of me to give!

Do you believe that there are plans to prosper you too? Are you willing to go through the discipline and do what it takes to see what lies ahead, if you knew that there truly is a big reward around the bend?

I would absolutely love to know….

Cheering You On To Your Success!

Emma 😉

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7 thoughts on ““I Love You Too Much, To Let You Stay That Way”

  1. Emma,

    Yes….God, family, and business. I got my priorities whacked around also.
    We all get off track at at times. I know what your going through.
    If there’s anything I can do from the standpoint of design, repair, contractors, basically anything in the home, you know, “designer” covers a lot of area’s these days. This shall pass and I hope to work with you again in the near future.

  2. My dear Emma,

    Yes, indeed…you are soooo loved by Him who created you….all of us, that He wants you to stand the Test that I mentioned to you in my response to your earlier blog “to whom much is given…”.

    I may have a different way of expressing thoughts than others, or have not earned much power in life coaching, but all I care is how sincerely my messages are sent to you. I continue to humble myself to admit that I have so much to ponder on based on what you wrote here…and yes, I need to address the questions you posed : ” Is it fear, clutter, doubt, procrastination, feeling of not being good enough? Or could it be ignorance with money, living beyond your means …” that’s potentially holding me back from success?

    I have a feeling that my answer could be almost ALL of them.

    Thank you so much Emma…for sending me this message that” ” Perhaps it’s time to listen to what it is that you need to change in your life so you can get different results !”

    You are so generous for sharing, Emma. However, you need to be more generous to yourself …. then, to your family, NOW ….more than ever! Everything happens for a Reason….and are Perfect in our Lord’s Time ….

    As I go through my own Journey, I have realized that I need to spend more time for little Nellie in me who has never been nurtured since… and to allow myself to receive love and abundance, instead of always “giving” to those outside of Me…which I have done for the last 50 years of my life. Truly, when I stop being in control of everything, and, allow the Light of Life to flow upon me, the more inner joys are felt…. bringing in “attraction” … very naturally.

    Life is a vicious cycle ….one day you’re down, next time you’re Up… I believe that you are gifted with the knowledge that- every person who stands responsibile and accountable for his/ her own actions has an undisputed ability to withstand the test of time…. you, Emma, are a model of real time , true-to-life sucess story…a living proof that there are no short cuts….and just like how you describe the development of a cocoon-to-butterfly process, nothing really comes easy…and dandy. Nothing is Perfect…but ALL is Possible.

    And yes, Emma….y0u are NEVER, never …..and will never be alone… Your Humility will soon purify you…

    God Bless you, Emma …..Cheers .!!!….

    ……( pls. feel free to let me know how I can be of help, after all, what are kababayans for… my way of “giving back” -my schwabsynergy’s cliche ). ……

  3. Barry dearest! I am so glad you’re back to your family… yes our priorities “get whacked around” sometimes but the important thing is the knowledge and making a conscious decision to reel yourself back in! You are so, so generous with your offer and I am so grateful! I will take you up on it someday when I buy my dream home 😉 You will be my only “logical choice” for a top notch, high end interior designer! Yes, I look forward to working with you again soon! We always had a ton of fun, didn’t we? Love and Hugs! Emma 🙂

  4. Nellie dearest… the timing of our “meeting” each other couldn’t be better! I LOVE your passion for excellence and for seeking the truth… I love how you actively pursue wisdom and mentors and you are truly attracting them into your life! You are an amazing writer and you write straight from the heart (takes one to know one 😉 I know that our meeting is for a purpose… Like I have mentioned to you in the past, my goal is to take whatever we learn here about empowering entrepreneurs online to our beloved Philippines… I don’t know how just yet but the calling is deep… Yes, nurture that little Nellie…what were her desires… her passions as a young girl… as a young lady because chances are those passions are highly connected with the powerful Nellie now… when you acknowledge why your passions persist and you’re able to channel that into your life’s mission, you become unstoppable! I learned that from my mentor Joel Bauer… (BTW, he’s having an event in Woodland Hills Aug. 28-29 http://www.WhoIsJoelBauer.com and http://www.Infotainer.com ) Oh my, if you’re able to attend that event, it will change your life! Big hugs, Nellie!!! Thank you for you!

  5. Hi Emma

    Thank You for your honesty, purity and sharing your life’s trials and tribulations.
    Some of the greatest traits of a great mentor is to show just how human you are ~
    Your post where you speak to living life larger than you are ~ to living life beyond your bank account ~ to knowing that really big success is just around the corner ~

    If there was ever a time in our World to reinvent ourselves this is the time. What a Gift that is! I always look for the Gifts in Shitty wrapping paper. For example ~ last week I made the decision to sell my home. It took me a year to make this decision because I will have to sell it for so much less than I paid for it. It just doesn’t make sense anymore for me to keep paying an outrageous mortgage on something that looks beautiful on the outside, is beautiful on the inside and has lost it value because I live in a community with Chinese Drywall coupled with the economy. I am very fortunate that my home has escaped Chinese Drywall however it did not escape the stigma that is associated with a very small community that has it. My health ~ mental well being ~ and my commitment to God ~ my Children ~Breaking the Silence of Incest and Sexual Abuse far out ways my house. I can build a home anywhere! A home is where my heart and soul lives!

    Emma ~ as so many of us take this next journey in our lives my wish is that we have each other to lean on and an incredible mentor “You” to share with.

    With much Love and Respect ~
    Transforming the lives from Victim2Survivor@gmail.com Breaking the Silence of Incest and Sexual Abuse One Voice at a Time!

  6. Hello My Dearest Constance! It’s sooo wonderful to “see” you here. Thank you for stopping by and leaving your very transparent and authentic comment! I have always known there was something special about you and I didn’t know until this post, the magnitude of the voice that you are to many! I look forward to getting to know you more and find out how I can support you… You are a light that is paving a path for so many and am truly blessed to call you friend! Much Love, Emma

  7. 1) God
    2) Family
    3) Career
    4) Socializing
    My favorite passage is Jeremiah 29:11
    “For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord…Plans to Prosper you and Not Harm you. Plans to give you Hope and a Future!”
    I was inspired by this message to write my book ” A Better Life After Divorce” I have been helping divorced men and women for the past 12 years and now I can help a lot more people through my website and coaching programs and give them hope for their future after divorce.
    With Love and Blessings!
    ~Kelly Morrisey