Do You Need Relief From Information Overload?

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I am noticing lately that industry leaders are all sharing something that is a legitimate concern for a lot of online marketers….


So, I decided to post something that hopefully will not add to that “overload” but hopefully help in streamlining your strategy and helping you create a structure to minimize information overload. Let’s face it, more information will be made more and more available so it will be up to you to use self-restraint and practice good judgment.

As a “Step By Step Accountability Coach” I hear this from clients ALL THE TIME. After helping clients get out of the overwhelm mode and personally going through the same frustration on what works and what doesn’t and having spent hours of frustration, thousands of dollars on courses, seminars and mentors – not to mention lots of nervous breakdowns and sleepless nights, I believe that I now have a clearer understanding of why there is Information Overload and what we can do about it. So, here is my “Top 10 Reasons For Information Overload With Entrepreneurs”. Scroll down as I will then give you the SOLUTION on How To Minimize Information Overload!

1) Lack of focus
2) Weakness is saying no to “BSOs” – Bright Shiny Objects
3) The “I’m Going To Miss Out” mentality – feeling the need to stay on the cutting edge
4) Not really understanding the mindset of how their passion is in alignment with what it is they are trying so hard to achieve.
5) Not clear on who their target market is or their message to that market so it becomes a shot gun approach
6) No Accountability to apply and implement the learning
7) The feeling of DESPERATION that they need to generate money FAST so they will try the best strategy that’s presented to them
8 ) Great highly talented copywriters who are irresistible writers! 😉 (I do admire them a lot but their gifts might not be to your best advantage if you don’t practice self-control )
9) Failure to set goals with a deadline for implementation
10) Last but not least… Having a “fan” or herd mentality that they will buy ANYTHING a their favorite “GURU” offers.

I am sure there are more reasons but from experience, having an awareness of these 10 main reasons and making a conscious decision to at least identify your reasons for allowing this overload to happen is a first step towards clarity and focus and ultimately RESULTS!


It’s simple! Do the exact opposite of what’s causing it for you!

1) Have a focus… for every course presented to you, ask yourself: “How will this help me move forward at the exact stage I’m in right now?”
2) Resist “BSOs” – Bright Shiny Objects! They are very tempting!
3) Don’t entertain the “I’m Going To Miss Out” mentality – a good strategy will ALWAYS be there when you’re ready.
4) Be clear on your passion and make sure your offering is in alignment with your passion.
5) Get clear on who your audience is and do a laser targeted approach and speak their language!
6) Be ACCOUNTABLE! Implement what you have purchased first before you purchase another course.
7) DESPERATION is NOT your friend! Come from a place of expanding knowledge, not desperation of NEEDING MONEY NOW! You will simply repel whatever it is you are desperately needing…
8 ) Be mindful of a great sales copy and know that it’s a talent and it’s the copy’s job to tug at you and convert you into sales. Nothing wrong with this if you absolutely know you need the product. Don’t get sucked into the “scarcity close” of when it’s gone it’s gone or it’s only limited to a few people.
9) This is what I believe is IMPORTANT: Set a goal to implement and stick with that goal! Challenge yourself to reach that goal before you willingly distract yourself.
10) Last but not least… while there are gurus and leaders I truly admire, I suggest you resist that “fan” and herd mentality at all cost. If the product, course or program is not right for you at the moment, don’t just buy it because everyone’s doing it!

I am sure there are more reasons but from experience, having an awareness of these 10 main reasons and making a conscious decision to at least identify your reasons and pick a few actions on how to minimize the overload is a first step towards clarity and focus and ultimately RESULTS!

To Your Massive Success!

Emma Tiebens

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3 thoughts on “Do You Need Relief From Information Overload?

  1. Emma,

    This is indeed a valuable list. I can truly see that you are coming from a place of empowering your community and friends. I have stumbled upon several of these points. In fact I was wondering if you were writing about my life’s history.

    However I do want to offer an encouraging word that these issues can be avoided. It may take some work and diligence, but asking yourself the questions you listed above is the perfect way to validate if your potential action is worth your time.

    Thanks for sharing such a powerful gift.

    Ken Pickard
    The Network Dad

  2. Hi Emma,

    Thank you so much for this. After beginning my search into online marketing for network marketing, I was beginning to feel the overload of information. You have verbalized what I was beginning to understand but hadn’t completed forming my thoughts on.

    Next time I start feeling it, I will refer to your list again.

    Thanks for being there,


  3. Hi Alan! thanks for such kind words… am glad you find some inspiration from it… May I ask, how did you find this blog post? Thanks Alan! “See” you around!


    Emma 😉