How To Magnetize and Engage Online Using Images


I get frequently asked, “Emma, why do you have over 3,300 pictures on Facebook and why do your posts always have images?  I remember when I first joined Facebook in 2008, image sharing was not the norm.  It was just about status posting, news curating and blog posting.  Now, our newsfeeds are flooded with images, including quotes, food pictures and selfies – lots and lots of selfies!

I love it when people ask me that because that is a strategy that has helped me engage and connect since 2009 and I wanted to share with you, “HOW TO MAGNETIZE and ENGAGE ONLINE USING IMAGES”.

It’s time to leverage the most important connecting and engaging tool you practically have with you everywhere you go! Have you ever wondered how some people are able to efficiently use images to magnetize, attract, engage, connect, build trust and turn potential clients into raving advocates? I am revealing here my specific and simple strategies that have enabled me to build a global business and attract my perfect clients and collaborators.

In this video, I shared with you 7 ways on how you can powerfully attract, engage and foster relationships with your social media circle, ideal clients and collaborators in and around social media using pictures and images. If this helps you or you know someone who could be helped by this, please Like, Comment and Share.

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