How To Use Images To Get More Views To Your Online Content

For the past 3 or so weeks, I “hibernated” in our son’s bedroom to finish writing my 3rd book which will be released on Kindle very shortly.

Garrett and I "Camping Out" While Writing My Book

Talk about intense discipline!  I would go to bed at 10:00pm and set my alarm for 2:00am, write for 2-3 hours then go back to bed around 5am and sleep until Garrett wakes up for school.  Then we have breakfast, I set him up for homeschool, I work out, get ready for the day and I schedule my consulting calls while he’s doing school work in his room.  What I love about his school is that everyday, he gets to virtually interact with his classmates!  I then sit with him around lunch time to go over stuff he needs help with.  When he’s done, we go to the park, the mall or go our for a snack but most of the time his friends knock at the door and he goes out and play which gives me more time to work on my business.

One thing that I get asked all the time is how I am able to remain “visible” everywhere despite my hectic schedule.  How do I manage to remain engaged on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and in my other private groups and communities while serving clients, qualifying new one, managing a production and fulfillment team and dealing with life in general?

I’ll share with you  my secrets of “How to Get More Views to Your Online Content” – even if you have very limited time.  Here you go:

1)  Take pictures! Lots of them!  Use your smart phones to take pictures… pictures of what makes you smile… Yes, I know… I know…. including food too, especially if they’re really nice and artistically presented.  Food is something that makes people smile so even if Instagram or Pinterest if full of food photos, what’s a few more, right?

When you’re going about your day, look around you – what is it that moves  you in the moment that might inspire someone – perhaps a book you’re reading,  a bottle of perfume, your favorite dress, some unique knick-knacks, souvenirs from your travels, a favorite restaurant, photos at events, there is no limit to what you can share!

Also take lots of photos of YOU in an environment that you would like to share with your friends, followers or audience.

You can also use stock photos but be very careful about what photos your post on your blogs or even on Facebook and remember, finding photos when you search for images on Google, doesn’t mean you’re free to use those images.  I invest in stock photos via Shutterstock, Fotolia or iStockphoto.  You can also go to Flickr and ask for permission or give the photographer credit for using their work on your social media sites.

Here’s how you can make these photos relevant.  Create a short story behind the photos. Most of the time, even a plain boring photo comes to life when you write something personal about it.  Share what the images means to you and why you’re sharing them with your audience.  Sure you can even add a famous quote on your post or on the image itself but from experience, to establish yourself as a “Trusted Authority” about something, I suggest you come up with your own inspiring quotes and include that with your image.

2) Post photos and content in and around social media, in the morning, around 9:00am and if possible another one around 6:00pm.  There seems to be more engagement during those times than mid-day.

3) Engage!  Reply to the comments and “LikesUp” immediately.  But, when you can’t reply to the comments right away, be sure to do so when you can and reply to EVERYONE who commented and make sure you mention and “tag” their names so they know you replied to them.

4) Use the same photo/image as the focal point of a blog post.  A blog post doesn’t have to be long.  Just extend the story a little bit longer and you’ll have a blog post.  On Facebook, make sure that you are registered for  NetworkedBlogs so your blog is automatically picked up by Facebook.

5) Now time to go on Hootsuite or Tweetdeck to share your image, including a link to your blog to all your social media sites in one click!

6) Share the same blog post as a Broadcast to your email list – don’t post the entire blog post on the email.  Just give them a glimpse and share the same image from your blog post on the email and encourage your list to visit your blog to read more.

7) Go to your other communities and favorite blogs and start commenting as well.  Be sure to have your “CommentLuv” service activated so when you comment on other people’s blogs, you will also have the opportunity for your most recent blog to be visible.

8) Bookmark your posts on Stumbleupon, Reddit and Digg for more visibility.

I can go on and on about sharing images and videos for recent and relevant content sharing but this should get you started beautifully.

Share your photos and your stories!  People engage with people and the more you get your authentic self out there, the more real people will connect with you and you will inspire others to do the same.

If you have a hesitation on being visible online, read this post I wrote on “Stop Hiding… Start Engaging“.

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Happy sharing!! Looking forward to seeing your posts…

Until we connect…

Cheering You On!



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6 thoughts on “How To Use Images To Get More Views To Your Online Content

  1. Hello Emma,

    Very good advice; we need authentic and transparent people. Thanks for sharing.

    I was often asked how I managed to study for my PhD while homeschooling 7 children. When your “why” is big enough, your “how” presents itself.

    You are an inspiration!


  2. Oh my goodness, Danielle! Talk about INSPIRATION! You’re the inspiration! Homeschooling 7 children and PhD??? Wow! You have absolutely proven that anything is possible! Thank you for being YOU and for showing up in huge ways! Big Hugs…

  3. Happy to have somewhat reminded you Perry! I love seeing everything that you’re doing out there, empowering so many people to be their best self – Mind, Body and Spirit! I appreciate you!

  4. Hello dearest Laurie! Yay! You’re blogging about your passion! That’s awesome… 300 views is pretty awesome! I would like to see more of your beautiful face and brilliant mind engaging on Facebook so I can also send some visibility your way 😉 Big hugs!