How to Connect With V.I.Ps on Facebook

I have been on Facebook for a little over two years now and I have to say, I have seen most strategies people try to pull off when they are connecting online.

Sure, when you’re in a platform as vast and as huge as Facebook, you are bound to meet all kinds of people from all over the world and despite our due diligence to screen those we accept as “Friends”, some not so very ethical and considerate people slip through the cracks.

Having connected with some of the most V.I.P. – Visible, Influential and Profitable leaders, movers and shakers and up and comers on Facebook, I believe I am in the best position to speak about what to do and what NOT to do when on Facebook. I know that when you apply even a tiny bit of what I will share with you here, you will become UNFORGETTABLE, magnetic and you will reach people you would have never been able to reach before.


Okay… here’s my exclusive Step by Step Guide on What You Must Start Doing To Connect With V.I.Ps on FB…

1) Do a “search” for the leader you want to connect with… your “hero” or people you want to collaborate with.

2) Preferably, connect with them on their Personal Profile first by sending them a PERSONAL MESSAGE on why you want to connect with them. Don’t just say “we have mutual friends”… that’s so impersonal. When people send me that kind of message, I think 2x before I “friend” them. I personally perceive that as lack of research on who I truly am and what’s their motive for friending me. Granted a lot of people have motives which is to be able to tap on your “friends” as well and increase their network. The most powerful personal message you can send are:

a) I have read your book, (watched your video, met you at a live event, attended your webinar, etc…) I was positively influenced by it and would love to connect with you here!

b) My good friend XYZ, suggested that I connect with you on FB… I am a ____( tell them who you are and what you do without your selling hat on)________ and I was told that you enable people like me to _____________. I would love to find out more about you and learn from you!

c) If it’s a potential collaborator, you can use the above sentence but instead, end it with “I would like to explore potential joint venture partnerships with you now or in the future”

d) I noticed that you actively speak or post on topics of XYZ… I would love to learn more about that and more about you so I look forward to connecting with you here!

3) Once they accept you as a “Friend”… PLEASE… no matter how you think this has worked in the past for you, DON’T SEND THEM A GENERIC VIDEO saying “I am so happy we connected here… please go to my XYZ website to find out more about me and LIKE my Page! That is a no-no!!! I have
unfriended many people who have done this to me….

4) DO NOT under any circumstances immediately add your new friends to a list and start inviting them to your FB Page or to an event you’re doing. I find that rather tasteless! I Delete and Block people who do this immediately.

5) If you’re friending many people at a time, don’t just go to their wall posting a “Copied and Pasted” – Thank you for connecting message! Instead, use their name and tell them why you’re excited to connect with them!

6) If you have already met them at a live event and have a photo with them, post that photo or video on their Wall and make sure you say something nice about that photo and “tag” yourself and that person. By tagging, I mean finding that “Tag This Photo” link, clicking on that, then clicking on that person’s face and entering their name until a drop down list of your FB friends starting with the same name comes up and clicking on the name that matches the person on the photo…

You can click here to watch my instructional YouTube video with almost 30,000 views on FB on “How To Tag Photos and Videos on FB”

7)  If this person has really made an impact in your life, send them a personal and private message letting them know how they have positively impacted your life.  This goes a long way… When people do this for me, I pay very close attention to them and I want to help them even more.

8)  A big NO-NO! When you create a video and it has a very inspirational yet broad and profound message in it, please don’t just TAG them on that video for no apparent reason, UNLESS, they are specially mentioned on that video. I immediately delete those from my Wall and I un-tag myself from the video.

9)  One of the very best things you can do is to create a personal welcome video for this person, post it on YouTube and then share that video link on your new friend’s Wall… this will truly get you noticed in a very good and respectful way…

10) Last but not least – one of the most important things you can do if you really want to connect with an industry leader or a hero you’ve been admiring from a distance is to invest in their product, system or service… then IMPLEMENT what you’ve learned, create a video, post it on YouTube and share that same video link on their wall…

The information I just shared here is part of what people pay me thousands of dollars for.  If you implement this you will see a drastic difference on how you connect with people on Facebook.  I ask nothing from you except that if you do implement and succeed with it, please send me a video testimonial as I would love to celebrate you!

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Until We Connect…

I Am Cheering You On To Your Success!

Emma 😉

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5 thoughts on “How to Connect With V.I.Ps on Facebook

  1. This is fantastic advice Emma! I love connecting with people on FB and on LinkedIn. There is no question about emails not being received, and it’s a great way to create a more “intimate” dialogue.

    In line with the above, be sure you’ve reviewed their website and subscribe to their list. Let them know about a blog post or email they shared that really had an impact on you. Tell them why it impacted you and show appreciation for what they’ve shared. Of course, be sincere. Remember that we all like to be acknowledged for our work.

    Thanks and warm wishes,

  2. I love this! Collaboration starts with connecting. Connecting starts with credibility. Credibility starts with courtesy (doing the right stuff!)! And here it is, nicely outlined. You ARE the relational marketer.

  3. Great blog, Emma! I’ve had so many people violate these golden rules with me, and I agree with you – those people do not stay in my list long. The flip side of this coin is that, for those of you who are experts like Emma, don’t just add or accept friends willy-nilly. It’s sad when you see experts you WANT to connect with, yet their friends list is maxed out, probably mostly with “dead weight” connections who never contribute anything to the expert’s business or life. I periodically clean out those people in my list who don’t add to my experience. Thanks, Emma!

  4. Hi Emma, thanks for this advice! I believe that people in social networking sites are still people not machine. Many marketers have a wrong mindset in using social media, thinking that social media is a billboard to advertise their products and services. Social media, is a way or a tool to connect to people. This information will be a great help to educate people who doesn’t know how to use social media in a right way!

    Thanks and More Success to you!

    Edison Victorino

  5. Hi Emma – Great tips and I love your NO-NOs. I cannot tell you how many people I have unfriended because they tagged me in one of their promo videos. I normally have 3 strikes and you are out rules. The first two times I figure ok they don’t know what they are doing…3rd time (DELETE).