How I Went From Newbie To Expert

Three years ago, I wouldn’t even dream of writing a blog post with this title.  I was an absolute online marketing newbie and yes, I was barely learning how to Cut and Paste!

Today, I came home from my son’s 10th birthday lunch, I was pleasantly surprised with an email from a community I am so proud of, Traffic Geyser (affiliate link).

The email was a Newsletter from Traffic Geyser and guess what?

They featured me as one of their Member Success Stories! The title?

“Member Success Stories: Emma Tiebens: From No Experience to Total Expert”

Traffic Geyser, (affiliate link)  Founded by Mike Koenigs, Rocket Helstrom and Frank Sousa is one of my “best kept secrets” on how I went from a NEWBIE marketer to now Expert Relational Marketer, Speaker, Author and Brand Marketing Strategist.

Here’s what Traffic Geyser wrote about me on their newsletter that went out to over 100,000 of their subscribers as well as on their blog, today. Click on the link or read entire story below:

When Emma Tiebens first attended a Traffic Geyser live event two and a half years ago, she was “totally clueless” about video marketing, in fact, she says, she was terrified of video!

Just a year after that, she had become an author, speaker, marketing and branding consultant, blogger, pitch builder, trainer and video marketing strategist. She is even reached a level where she charges some clients $15,000 for setting them up with a “Done For You” program.*

Emma enables authors, speakers, coaches and entrepreneurs and service Professionals to leverage technology while advocating that “the heart of marketing is marketing from the heart”.
Her proven Relational Marketing Strategies and Systems generate real results for highly successful clients by enabling them to create a V.I.P. brand that is VISIBLE, INFLUENTIAL and PROFITABLE! Her guaranteed blueprint helps you go from “INVISIBLE Best Kept Secret to To highly VISIBLE Trusted Authority” in 90 days or less!

In Emma’s own words:

“Right after your event, I braved my first video. It’s still out there on YouTube and it was horrible! Now I have over 220 videos on YouTube!  I have become a “Trusted Advisor” and now I teach people how to overcome their fear of video to be seen, be heard and be found online!

Armed with Traffic Geyser, and the new passion I discovered, I started to become unstoppable! I applied my new knowledge of technology, social media, video and email marketing to create deep and meaningful relationships with new clients as well as industry leaders I wouldn’t have been able to reach before!

Using video Traffic Geyser, I have managed to effectively brand myself where industry leaders started taking notice of who I am and what I can offer.  In 2010, my mentor, Joel Bauer, allowed me to be one of the very few people he trusts with a campaign for his events.

That year, I also co-authored a book with the “Pied Piper of Social Media” herself, Mari Smith, entitled “The Relationship Age” which became an Amazon Bestselling book in three categories within the hour of its release.

That venture has enabled me to instantly and officially become a “Bestselling Author” too!

My own book, “The Relational Marketer” will be released next year and I am planning on getting that book and the concept of Relational/Relationship Marketing on TV and Radio.

Traffic Geyser has changed my life and that is why as long as Mike and Traffic Geyser are around, I will remain to be one of your loudest and most loyal advocates.  What they offer simply transforms lives and it continues to pay forward.

Here’s a quick glimpse of how a newbie marketer, who only two years ago attended a Traffic Geyser event ,now successfully equips other entrepreneurs and businesses to thrive in this economy:

Traffic Geyser enables me to generate thousands of dollars, but what’s really important is now I have:

1) A sustainable business,
2) A trusted brand
3) Success and results-driven client offerings
4) A REAL business.
5) Passion and tools to equip many more businesses!
6) Gained self-worth
7) Gained respect of family and friends.
8) A Purpose-filled life.
9) A way to be blessed and become a blessing.
10) HOPE for my family and other families

Wow! Reading this post gave me more hope that those 2-3 years were invested for a purpose and now I am able to ENCOURAGE, EMPOWER AND EQUIP more entrepreneurs.

THANK YOU to my Traffic Geyser Family… Mike Koenigs, Laurie Hull, Gaby Vangstad as well as (Rocket, Frank and Carter), Traffic Geyser Team and “Heroes”  for inspiring me and enabling me to share my story and it is my fervent hope that my story will inspire Traffic Geyser users old and new to never give up and use the resources you so meticulously provide us because THEY ABSOLUTELY WORK!!!

Expect Miracles,

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