To Mothers and Everyone Who Nurtures…

It wasn’t long ago when I almost lost hope in becoming a Mom. Ironically, growing up, I didn’t see myself becoming a Mom. I wanted to be a princess, then a singer/dancer, then a newscaster and eventually a teacher. As a young girl, I loved kids and babysat neighborhood kids all the time but motherhood just wasn’t anywhere near my awareness.

My belief then was that having a child was such a huge responsibility and I heavily doubted my ability to become a good mother. I was afraid of bringing another life into this planet, which I thought was full of uncertainty, negativity and hatred. My thinking was, “Why would I bring a child up in this messed up world?”

I worked as an International Flight Attendant and flew the friendly skies. I felt so free… so unencumbered. I was living the life most people could only dream about, when I fell in love. A love that felt quite unconditional that all of a sudden, I found myself actually entertaining the idea of being a Mom.

Little did I know that motherhood would be quite elusive. Immediately after I got married, I conceived and immediately announced our pregnancy. I was heartbroken when the doctor told me that it was a false pregnancy – a blighted ovum. She also put me in a battery of fertility tests followed by countless infertility surgeries and procedures including weeks of injections and being bedridden in the process. I conceived 2 more times but the first one was an ectopic pregnancy, where the embryo implanted itself in the fallopian tube and the other one was a baby girl who at 16 weeks, died in utero due to Trisomy 21 – or Down Syndrome. I really thought that my chances for motherhood was completely gone.

To take a break from all the procedures, my then husband and I flew to my hometown in the Philippines to visit family. We took our mind off our desire to become parents and we just relaxed. We had so much fun with my family there and totally hung out with my nieces and nephews.

A month and a half later, I received a most shocking news! I was pregnant! And it all happened naturally! I was going to school then for Certified Financial Planning but my doctor said, it’s a high risk pregnancy and I can no longer go to school, in fact, I need to stay in bed for at least 4 weeks. And worse still, at the moment of delivering my baby, I discovered I had ruptured uterus and we both almost died.

Thirteen years later, I am now Mom to a most remarkable son, Garrett who has become my best friend! He inspires me so much and seeing how he has evolved from baby to a fine young man, I must say I am truly proud! A far cry from the unconfident, afraid and reluctant woman I once was.

Why did I want to share this story? It’s because Motherhood is special and it does entail a lot of sacrifice. I also believe that being a mother shouldn’t be limited to those of us who have children but it also means anyone who cares for or who has cared for another individual or even your beloved pets. It also includes those who are in the process of becoming parents.

As I write this, I send love and want to also share a Happy Mother’s Day greeting to these special groups of people:

1) The men and women who are going through fertility procedures, desiring so intently to become parents.
2) Parents who have experienced the loss of their beloved children or grandchildren. I can only imagine your sorrow 🙁 My heart and prayers are with you and may you be comforted by their beautiful memories.
3) People who care for their beloved pets and those who have cared for pets who are no longer with us. May you find a measure of peace and joy.
4) People whose roles are now reversed and have now become the parents to their aging or ailing parents.
5) Those whose Mothers are no longer with us.

To all of you, and to all the Magnificent Mothers all over the world, my love and adoration to all of you for all your sleepless nights, your unconditional love, tough discipline, discerning spirits, optimism, nurturing, selflessness and dedication! I honor you and celebrate you today, on Mothers’ Day and everyday!

To my dearest Mom, Elena Santos Yambao, whom we fondly call “Techy Grandma”, who at 83 years young continues to inspire people on Facebook, my love and gratitude for rearing and guiding me to be who I am today… THANK YOU! To my sisters, Ellen and Elsa, my aunts and cousins and to all my Mommy friends all over the world and all over social media, I LOVE YOU ALL and may you all be treated like the Queen that you all are!

I recently watched a video interview of a very influential man, who said, “If you want to stop the world’s economy, tell the mother’s to not come home and it will be the end of humanity…” Wow! Here’s to all of you, our everyday heroes… Please remember that as you nurture your children, you’re not just raising them… you are raising a generation…

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Cheering You On!


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