Grow Rich While You Sleep… From Zero To Hero

Grow Rich While You Sleep… Go From Zero To Online Hero.

Here in my car waiting for my Mom at her doctor’s appointment.  I couldn’t resist creating this video and post about a book that I am absolutely loving right now…

“Grow Rich While You Sleep…”

There is a quote in the book that goes:

“One Works Harder At Being A Failure Than At Being A Success…”

This hit home rather clearly… In the past, I remember how I would focus and fret over these thoughts:

  • I’m not good enough.
  • People won’t be interested in what I have to share
  • I need to learn more before I can accept clients
  • People won’t hire me as I don’t have success stories
  • I don’t think people can duplicate my process or system.
  • I might say the wrong thing…What will they think of me?
  • I don’t want to offend anybody
  • Etc…

I didn’t realize that by keeping these negative thoughts and concerns that were becoming my reality, I am working hard at being a failure rather than being a success.

Up until 2 years ago…

It was then at this Traffic Geyser Live Event in San Diego, California when two milestones happened in my life:

1)  The Relational Marketer was born

2)  I accepted the fact that I have a message important enough to share with the
world using video marketing.

I created my very first video on January 27, 2009 and since then I have become an Author, Speaker and Online Marketing Consultant that has created many success stories, using this best kept secret.

Sadly, even if I thought long and hard before I made a decision to share this secret with a lot of people who need this, only few will take action and check it out.

I trust that if you’re reading this, I have somewhat gained your trust and are most likely to check out what I am talking about.

Grow Rich While You Sleep has reminded me that “wishing” and “knowing” are worlds apart….

Do you know the difference?

Wishing is hoping for something but not believing you’re going to get it because of how you perceive yourself and the limitations you put on yourself…

Knowing is believing that you ALREADY are who it is  you want to become.   Funny, I became a Speaker in my mind first, then I really became one… I believed I was an Author first, before I became one.  I believed the tools that were presented to me, to be necessary for me to become a successful Online Marketing Consultant and I now I am one!

Don’t take my word for it… find out for yourself how I went From Zero to Online Hero”.

When I say “hero” it’s not coming from an inflated ego… it stems from a grateful heart that is still in disbelief at the incredible specialized knowledge I have amassed through the years and the Mentors and relationships I now have.

And it all stemmed from believing that “I Am Already Successful” even before the money started coming in and simply moving forward, continuing to hold on to that belief!

So, will you choose to go “From Zero To Online Hero”?  You already have hero skills… you just need to fine tune those skills and find people you can save…

In the words of Buzz LIghtyear… “to infinity and beyond!”

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Cheering You On To Your Success!

Emma 😉

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9 thoughts on “Grow Rich While You Sleep… From Zero To Hero

  1. The very first thought that you listed has been a stumbling block that with this response, I am breaking down.

    What amazes me is to see your development from a distance. You are so genuine! As I continue to develop and the refine the skills that God has given me, I am in awe when people actually recognize as well as acknowledge the value I bring into their lives.

    It seems to be so appropriate to say this whenever I comment, but when I met you briefly at the “No Excuses Summit” last year while talking with Ken Pickard, your enthusiasm was quite inspiring.

    So for those reading this and getting to know Emma, she’s the real deal!

  2. Oh Eric! You are beyond awesome! I appreciate your kind support and just reading your comment made the time and effort – and transparency – I put on this video and post ALL WORTH IT! Please keep me posted of your progress… Participate in The Relational Marketers Group on FB and would love for you to share with the group more about who you are!!/home.php?sk=group_188568521185006&ap=1
    “See” you around! Big Hugs, Emma 😉

  3. Dear Emma,

    I thank you so much for being selfless and sharing with others who can join you and create a ripple around the world! I will plan to pick up a copy of the book and have registered for ‘From Zero to Hero…’ (which just happens to go right along with the beginning of an idea that I had in mind for marketing after the training I just received over the weekend – God is so Good!!).

    I, too, have dealt with the same limiting beliefs over the past (have said each and every one of those to myself at least once), particularly since I made the decision to start a business with an online presence. But we all have to start somewhere, and I believe we all bring such amazing God-given gifts to the table. He provided these gifts to be shared and to help others. I pray that I can learn to develop mine in a way that will honor God and encourage and empower others.

    I’m still experiencing such incredible growth and am a work-in-progress, but He has been with me all along the way! In listening to your radio interview (finally listened last night), I understood the reason I have taken some time off (from my blog) for nearly a month now. I think of it as a sabbatical, in a way. I have been more focused on my relationship with God and with others He has brought into my life. In the process, I have slowed down enough that I can hear what He wants for me. Despite my feelings of guilt for not writing and posting, I realize that I will know when the time is right and what it is I am to start writing about.

    I wish I could see you in June at your next live event, but have too many travel plans for the summer. I hope to be able to attend the next one to follow. One day my hope is to be mentored by you!

    I agree with Eric above – you are the real deal, Emma! It is such a joy to see the genuine love you have for others and your desire to share your knowledge and your great gifts. Thank you for being you! 🙂


  4. Hi Emma.
    Interesting that you mentioned this “aha” while at Trafffic Geyser. And the “secret” that knowing is different than wishing. I remember the powerful shift I experienced when I stood up last year at No Excuses when the questioned was asked, “Who are the leaders here?” Extremely important revelation. I appreciate you!

  5. Hi Emma,

    A very heart-warming video! Thank you for sharing this with us. You are certainly a hero – my life is among the many lives you’ve touched. I couldn’t be more grateful that God showed you to me, when I was starting with my online marketing journey. And how proud I felt knowing that you were born and raised in Manila! 🙂

    Emma, your desire to share your journey with us, really means a lot to me. You’ll always be one of the best source of inspiration! As I face the many challenges (especially with regards to personal development), I’ll always remember you and your story.

    Thank you so much, Emma.

    – Rowena

  6. Hello Richard! Wow! Talk about TRANSPARENCY! I would have never thought that you experienced such shift only recently.. well, a year ago… You got that right, Sir… KNOWING with utmost belief and wishing are two very different things. We become who we believe we are! I believe early on, each of us has to decide, am I going to be a player or a fan? It’s okay to start as a fan as long as we know that deep down we believe that soon enough, we will become key players! I appreciate you too!!! Much Love, Emma 😉

  7. Hello dearest Beth! It’s amazing to note that it’s barely a month since you wrote this post and how much you’ve grown! It’s a treat to watch you blossom and strengthen your roots… Looking forward to more breakthroughs from you! Love and Blessings, Emma 😉

  8. Kathy dearest Kathy… thanks for noticing! Yes I find tons of joy creating and sharing value as you do too! Looking forward to collaborating and working with you! Love and Hugs, Emma 😉