Grateful for Gratitude

The table is set, turkey is in the oven,  Emma’s “World Famous” stuffing ingredients are chopped up, Cranberry Orange Relish is simmering, and everything is a go with my Baked Yam, Green Bean Casserole, Creamed Corn and bottles of wine and champagne is chilling nicely.

It’s my 22nd Thanksgiving in the US… Funny, there were times when people greeted me with:
“Happy Thanksgiving to your family in the Philippines!”  I remember being a smarty pants, responding to them, “Thanks… but the Pilgrims didn’t really make it to the Philippines!”

As clever as that may seem, we don’t really need to have a pilgrim experience to be grateful.  I believe that while Thanksgiving Day is truly special and means so much to so many, I also believe:

GRATITUDE should be part of our daily life – we don’t need to wait for a special occasion to be grateful…

It’s truly sad when I hear some people who are bitter and just have the hardest time finding something to be grateful for.   Yes, just like a New Year’s resolution,  gratitude somehow finds a way during some of the main seasons in their lives – their birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year, etc.

Gratitude is not as easy as it seems.  In my experience, I had to train myself to be grateful.  I had to make a constant decision to look at a situation and find something to be grateful for in that very moment.

Gratitude is not simple.  It’s much easier to find the bad, to complain and invite people to our pity parties.  The truth is, no matter how we think our friends will come to our pity parties, they really don’t care and don’t want to hear it.  Most of them are just being polite as they too might decide to have a pity party one day and would want to invite you too!

Today, I am thankful for GRATITUDE.  I am grateful for gratitude.  For the ability to really find the good in a seemingly bad situation and be able to “pivot” or train my mind and heart to find some sense in what’s going on around me, good or bad, and for the most part really digging for the good… digging for the golden lesson.

Without the ability to be grateful or to even be aware that gratitude exists is equivalent to having no faith and purpose.

Gratitude opens up doors that no one can shut…

Gratitude is your invitation to the banquet table of abundance…

Gratitude enables you to receive so much more of what it is that you’re grateful for…

Gratitude elevates you to a position in your life you never thought possible.

So, on this Thanksgiving Day, I just want to say I am grateful for you my dearest friends, readers and subscribers and I am grateful for the opportunity to serve, inspire and equip you with my life’s experiences that is predominantly borne out of gratitude.

So as you enjoy your festivities and precious time with friends, remember to be GRATEFUL FOR GRATITUDE itself because to have that grateful heart, 24 in 7, 7 days a week is really a gift we must train ourselves to receive and put into use.

What will you commit to doing from now on to be sure that you remain in the state of gratitude?

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Cheering You On To Your Success!

Emma 😉

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