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In 2004, two years after the birth of my son I ventured out into my first entrepreneurial endeavor with Bella Gemma Jewelry. My inspiration was my passion for jewelry and honoring  my mother who used to own beautiful pieces of jewelry which she had to sell to send all of her 4 children to school.   I truly love creating one of a kind pieces and making women and men feel like “Beautiful Gems” that they are!  I was so committed to learning about these beautiful Divine gifts so I enrolled at the Gemological Institute of America – GIA.  Now, my career has definitely evolved as an Amazon Bestselling Author, Inspirational Speaker, Clarity Coach and Brand Marketing Strategist, and most of my clients have asked for something that will remind them of HOW POWERFUL THEY TRULY ARE and something that will positively and energetically  support them in their journey through life, career transition and business.

Gemspirations Jewelry by Emma Tiebens

Introducing, my “Gemspirations” Collection, my exclusive, one-of-a-kind, necklace or bracelet with 13 of the most powerful, most sought after precious and semi-precious gems support you in your journey through life’s TRANSITION and TRANSFORMATION to a life and business of SUCCESS with SATISFACTION and SIGNIFICANCE – Pearls,  Rutilated Quartz, Amber, Aquamarine, Jade, Rose Quartz, Citrine, Amethyst, Red Coral, Fluorite, Moonstone, Tiger’s Eye and Carnelian.

These 13 Power Gems and Emma’s Divinely guided process of how to tap into their innate properties will enable you to channel innate Divine energetic properties and ancient positive energies will help you:

* CONNECT more deeply to Source Energy

* ALIGN you with your Purpose

* FEEL even more Beautiful

* ANCHOR positivity through Affirmations


* INCREASE the speed of Manifestation of desired outcomes

* MAGNETIZE the perfect people, relationships and resources into your life at the perfect time.

* And So Much More!

DISCLAIMER:  “While research has proven validity of information on the stones’ properties, no guarantee is made towards this claim as individual results may vary.  It is our personal belief that these gemstones channel wonderfully positive energies but only endorse them as reminders of such.  Our belief in the stones, however meticulously researched is never meant to replace any medical treatment, actions or advice.”


You can now order your Gemspirations Necklace or Bracelet and for a limited time, I will gift you with a 15-minute Complimentary Crystal-Clear Clarity Coaching, valued at $150 so order now by clicking on the BUY NOW Button and specify which metal you prefer – yellow gold tone or silver.   Once I receive your order, I will send you a “Getting To Know You Questionnaire” so I can energetically connect with you and your dreams and your visions as I personally create your special piece of jewelry.


I strongly believes in the power of faith and positive thinking and the inherent positive energies that are constantly channeled to us through these gems.  May they serve as a constant reminder that we are all connected to an ever abundant source of everything that is good! Through awareness and faith, you can invite success, achieve happiness, make dreams a reality and nourish your utmost potentials!

These 13 Power Gems emanate the energies that promote positivity, positioning the wearer for more magnetism and attraction of more LOVE, SUCCESS and WELL-BEING as I have researched and compiled on this chart:

Bella Gemma Gemspirations Gem Chart

The “Gemspirations” Necklace comes in 3 different designs and is made of 14kt gold vermeil or sterling silver lobster claw clasp, loop or fancy 3-on-1 fancy Figaro chains and wires  hand-wrapped together.  The necklaces are 18-inches long but are adjustable to be used as a choker or simply complement your neckline.  They are a perfect layering piece for your other pearls and gemstone jewelry.

3 Gemspirations Necklace Designs:

1) The Infinity Necklace featuring gems all around the necklace.

2) The Infinity and Pearls – features gems all around the necklace, with pearls in between each gemstone and wrapped in sterling silver or gold vermeil wire ( silver coated with 14kt gold)

3) The Opulent Bib Necklace – features all 13 gems wire-wrapped and dangling next to each other on the center of the necklace.

4)  The “Gemspirations” Bracelet comes in one design with a choice of sterling silver or gold vermeil.  Adjustable from 7-inches to 80-inches.


NOTE: All Gemspirations Jewelry also comes with Emma’s Exclusive Chart on Gemstone Properties as well as Positive Affirmations associated with each gem.  These are “Jewelry With A Purpose”!  To make it convenient, you only tax and shipping is already included in the price so order your necklace now.





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Bella Gemma Gemspirations Jewelry Emma Tiebens, Stevi Sullivan and Star Ladin



Bella Gemspirations Jewelry Raziel Arcega and Emma Tiebens


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