Finding Peace When Feeling Overwhelmed

These past few months were a whirlwind of wonderful activities for me.  When I started embracing my “Feel Good”, Gratitude and Appreciation philosophies, I have felt a surge of power, inspiration and joy in all areas of my life.

For this past week however, I felt a sense of angst about a few things that no matter what I DO or choose to BE, it lingered for a while though it eventually shifted.  There was a heavy feeling on my chest and a stirring in my stomach that I simply couldn’t whisk away.  Many times in the past, this feeling has been a launch pad for bigger and greater things and at times, they are simply reminders of something that requires attention.

Yesterday’s event about the Boston Marathon Explosion has also left me feeling overwhelmed, sad, angry, concerned, disheartened… I feel so many different emotions all at once and they are not necessarily the most positive ones either.  I think of the people who have been directly and indirectly affected by this heinous act and I continue to send them love, prayers and positive intentions.  I have wonderful memories of Boston as a young Flight Attendant many years ago.  I will always have a special place in my heart for Faneuil Hall, Filene’s Basement, Newbury Street, Boston Commons Park, the Cheers Pub and Boston Park Plaza Hotel to name a few.

I figured, if I was feeling this way, some of my family, friends, subscribers, clients and social media circle must be feeling something similar.

I am getting ready to leave for a huge event in Baltimore, MD tomorrow and I am tying up loose ends right now but I awoke this morning with a sense of ambivalence.  The feeling was quite intense, palpable  and disconcerting that the thought of canceling my trip crossed my mind.

I did what I would normally do, when I feel as though I’m in a quandary – I chose to BE STILL and started to B-R-E-A-T-H-E…

Do you ever feel OVERSTIMULATED at times – so much so that sounds, visuals and just the presence of people around you makes you so hypersensitive that you
just want to crawl into a hole or lock yourself up in a room?

I know I do and if you’re reading this, chances are that you do to.

And if you or you know of someone who is going through this, rest assured that there is nothing wrong with you or them.  In fact, the good news about this is that most of the time, it is temporary and it is indeed possible that this is a pivotal moment signifying an upcoming event that will raise your bar.

In the book “The Science of Getting Rich” by Wallace D. Wattles, he talked about “Living A Certain Way”.  This is a strategy that I live by and has helped me “quantum leap” in so many ways.  I will be sharing more about this in the next few weeks, in preparation for my live event on June 15, called “Hard Sell To Heart Sell”.

For now, I would love to leave you with this golden reminder and my proven strategies that has enabled me to get past the overwhelm as quickly as possible.

When you’re feeling overwhelmed to a point of retreating, it simply means that you have not been specific on how you want your perfect live to be.  Sometimes it’s because you don’t believe it’s attainable or you just don’t know where to start and how to even conjure up ideas on how it’s possible for you do desire and live your perfect life.

I have already taken some time in visualizing and writing down my 15-page “Living A Certain Way” document. I wrote my first draft 2 years ago and it’s a live document which continue to evolve.

When I am feeling a state of overwhelm, distraction and over-stimulation I already understand that it’s the Spirit’s way of reminding me that I am veering away from the truth about who I really am and the absolute power that make up who I truly am.  During those moments, I tend to forget that within me – within us –  lies the very power that created the universe!

So as you experience what I just described in the beginning of this article, I’m sharing with you exactly what I do and I trust that you will find inspiration from this too:

1)  Give yourself some grace that something is quite out of place.  You don’t necessarily need to diffuse it as something scary or will invite you to spiral into that forbidden place of depression.  Acknowledge it for what it is but don’t get too caught up with it that you start inviting more negative thoughts into it. Just say something like: “Okay, I am having one of those rare times that I am not feeling my best and that’s okay, because this is temporary and it’s telling me something that I am probably resisting that needs to be addressed.  I will deal with this as soon as I can, but for now, I am choosing to focus on what is working.”

2) Go ahead, crawl into the hole – in my case, I lay down on the couch or crawl in bed – yes, even in the middle of the day, lay still and take deep slow breaths.   Or go take a nap if you feel like it! ( If you’re at the office you can go to your rest area during a break and for work at home Parentpreneurs, just don’t’ forget to set the timer if you have to pick up your children from school! 😉

3) As you start breathing in and breathing out, control your breathing by taking really deep slow breaths and doing long extended exhales.  As you do breathe, focus on things that you’re able to appreciate now and focus on the powerful energy that created  you – God and the universal force  that is a huge part of you.  In the book “The Science of Getting Rich” it’s referred to as the “Formless Substance” –  Focus on the  things you can appreciate NOW and not just those you would like to appreciate.

4) When thoughts that are sad, worrying and depressing present themselves, continue breathing and do your best to find something to appreciate and focus on that, even if it’s as simple as how great the sheets feel on your skin, how wonderful it is to be able to find time to relax and breathe, how you appreciate those who truly love you, the gifts you do have, your talents, your social media friends who empower and encourage, the yummy lunch you had.

5) As you begin to feel good, continue to bring in more good thoughts you can appreciate. From that state, you can now bring it your visual of your ideal day, your ideal work, your ideal clients, your ideal home, your ideal relationships – your idea life!

6)Within 10-15 minutes will notice that your feeling will be much different from when you started the process. From that feeling good place you will have better ideas present themselves to you.  Listen to those ideas, write them down and as you focus on those ideas, more positive thoughts and ideas will come and act upon them.  Whether the idea is to just write on your journal or post a positive insight in social media or call a friend who comes to mind.

7) Celebrate the powerful experience you just gave yourself! Now, you know that next time you experience an overwhelming feeling does come, you already know what it takes to pivot and shift your way out of it.

Next time you do feel overstimulated, overwhelmed and distracted, go through these 7 steps and please let me know how this has helped you by leaving a comment here.  Also please Like or Share this as you just never know who could use these strategies right this moment.

Cheering You On!


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