Dr. Wayne Dyer – In Gratitude

The Man and Brand Who Changed The World

I am in utter shock and couldn’t help the tears… One of my beloved Mentors, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer passed away today… I know in my heart that he’s truly in a much better place yet I couldn’t help but feel that somehow the physical world has lost someone who has helped shape and elevate our Collective Consciousness in a grander scale!  It’s a bittersweet day and this echoes around the planet and beyond…

Dr. Wayne Dyer has mastered the art of branding way before his time.   In my opinion,  he was highly instrumental in bringing spirituality and high levels of consciousness around the world.   His life as young boy indicated that he is the least likely to succeed yet he listened to his spiritual insights and just knew that it was for the greatest and highest good.

I remember listening to him as he told his story of how he would hand-write his books, paying attention to the spiritual download he would receive at a time when people were not as open to the principles he was being exposed to.   Here’s a man who truly embraced his gifts and made it his life purpose to help others embrace their own power and unique gifts in service in of humanity.  I remember being introduced to him in 2004 and 11 years later he remained to be one of my most beloved Mentors.  I will cherish his teachings shared directly from his heart and soul. I remember sitting in my car at Central Park everyday to meditate with his “Getting In The Gap”, after dropping Garrett off at pre-school. That  experience jump-started my spiritual journey which has intensified exponentially ever since.

I changed the way at looked at things and the things I looked at indeed changed for the best!  I honor you Dr. Dyer! I miss you so much already Dr. Dyer.  Sending you and your family heaps of love and the most brilliant and warm light to continue illuminating your path in your journey through your next adventure! With eternal love, respect and gratitude…. You’re already missed 🙁

From his FB Page:

“Wayne has left his body, passing away through the night. He always said he couldn’t wait for this next adventure to begin and had no fear of dying. Our hearts are broken, but we smile to think of how much our scurvy elephant will enjoy the other side.

We Love You Forever Dad/Wayne

The Dyer Family”

Here was the first news which announced the passing of this incredible spirit who lived his human existence full out!

Your legacy continues Dr. Dyer…  Your teachings will always be a part of me and how I choose to move forward in contributing to the upliftment of humanity’s soul.

Until We Meet Again…

Much Love and Light,


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