Dr. Tess Mauricio and Shawn Pereira

Magnetic and Memorable Show Interview

It was a beautiful Friday morning in Beverly Hills, California at the M Beauty Clinic by Dr. Tess Mauricio on Brighton Way.  As soon as I walked in the door, Dr. Tess welcomed me and introduced me to this man who was larger than life, and even bigger than his stature was his vibrant energy! It was highly magnetic!  Being in the presence of both of them was truly an exhilarating experience!

Click below to watch our video interview:

I have known Dr. Tess Mauricio for a few months now and she truly is one of my “she-roes”.  I admire her brilliance and her joie de vivre but also her ability to manage 4 of her clinics, motherhood, being an amazing wife, daughter and sister, and still produce her own TV Show, be a favorite guest expert at major networks all over the United States, show up at high profile events and red carpet gala with phenomenal people, and yet still be able to prioritize her community involvements, host her weekly MPower Workshops, support charitable causes and make a difference in so many people’s lives.

She’s such an innovator, inventor and is always on the cutting edge of technology, that sometimes I wonder if she has a secret gadget that multiplies time! We were all given the same 24 hours in a day but this lady seems to have truly learned the world’s greatest mystery of expanding and leveraging time!

This was a very impromptu interview and I literally just met Shawn 5 minutes before the interview.  It was during the interview that I found out how remarkable this man is!  As an International Model, he was highly sought after by the most luxurious brands, magazines and fashion agencies from all around the world, and now he’s a chart-topping musical artist, with hit songs, “Love Is” and “Rush” which are now available on iTunes.  Shawn is a serial entrepreneur and Founder of BuHemia and Gangsters of Luxury and is part of a team that hosts Luxury Retreats all over the world.  I had the blessing of also witnessing what a loving husband he is to his gorgeous wife of 25 years, Candice and a doting father to their uber brilliant son, Griffin.

This interview was so spontaneous that I didn’t have time to even use any microphones and we picked a spot at the lobby of Dr. Tess’ newest clinic, so please pardon the audio interference and focus on the energy from the inspired stories and lessons that were being shared among us.

Watch this short interview and:

– Get to know “America’s Favorite Dermatologist”, Dr. Tess Mauricio and find out why the media and her patients lovingly refer to her as such.

– Meet Shawn Pereira – International Model, Chart-Topping Musician, Founder of BuHemia and Gangsters of Luxury

– Listen as Dr. Tess shares why she has made it her mission to help her patients, feel great on the inside and look and and be their best on the outside through her transformational protocols.

– Find out their secrets to success and how they remain grounded despite their fame and how they are able to live a life of balance despite their hectic schedule.

– Discover how they are able to position themselves to expand their circles of influence to include the world’s “Who’s Who”.

– Get introduced to the world of #GangstersofLuxury

– Watch Shawn and Dr. Tess reveal stories about their past that most people have not heard of.  Hear how they were able to turn adversity into advantage.

– Learn their secrets on what keeps both of them Magnetic, Memorable and Trusted, online and offline.

– Laugh, ponder and get inspired in this short yet energized and highly empowering video interview!

I truly enjoyed this interview and I look forward to getting to know these two thought leaders and movers and shakers at an even deeper level and supporting their causes.  Please connect with them on social media and you will really be blessed by their presence in your lives.

For more information on Dr. Tess Mauricio and M Beauty Clinic by Dr. Tess, please go to www.MBeautyClinic.com and follow her in social media, especially on – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

To find out more about Shawn Pereira, please visit – http://shawnthomaspereira.com/ and connect with him on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and  YouTube.  His hit songs, “Love Is” and “Rush” are available on iTunes.

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