Do You Need A Coach, Consultant or A Course?

I just came back from a truly powerful weekend at Mike Klingler’s Marketing Funnel Mastery.  Over 100 of my fellow marketers and entrepreneurs came together to build their own Marketing Funnels using Mike Klingler’s highly effective blueprint.

I was introduced to Marketing Funnel Mastery in June 2010 when I flew to Portland, OR.  It was so interesting to note that at that time, the Marketing Funnel I envisioned for myself was completely different from the funnel I am now working on.

I loved seeing my friends – Mike Klingler, Lisa Holcomb, Jerry Chen, Ferny Ceballos, DiDi Alcheva, Leta Russell, Cindy Schulson, Jackie Ulmer, Kelly Baader, Richard Goutal, Cindy Murphy, Natasha Nassar, Rich Hazlett, Glenn Arcaro, Matty Miller, Eleni Liapikis and Jim Harris to name a few.

Why am I so excited to share about my own funnel?  It’s because I absolutely love being able to really make sense and utilize EVERYTHING I have learned and accumulated for the past 2 1/2 years from all the Coaches, Consultants and Courses I have invested in!  They fit so perfectly in the funnel and there are highly specialized skills and education I can now share with the entrepreneurs who I am blessed to be given the chance to mentor and teach.

This weekend, as I listened to over 20 people share with me their own Marketing Funnels  I started thinking more about the Whats, Whys and Hows on how they can:

1) Identify and monetize their passion.

2) Craft an effective Marketing Funnel.

3) Create a Powerful V.I.P. Brand to attract their perfect clients.

This sounds simple but it really is a process… a process that is taking others years to put together.

If you’re in the process of creating yours, how would you know if you need a business Coach, Consultant or Course?  Do you know the difference between a Coach and a Consultant?

Funny, I have always thought of myself as a Coach but realized early this year that I was really acting as a combination of Coach and Consultant.

What’s the difference between a Coach, Consultant and A Course?  In my simplest description and definition…

A Coach, encourages you to think, to come up with your own solutions based on your values and priorities and what really comes natural for you.  Yes, a Coach will encourage you to tap into your fullest potential without losing YOU in the equation.

A Consultant on the other hand, enables his/her clients to follow a proven step by step process that has produced successful results for others.  It’s a generic plan – a blueprint if you may – that will allow the client to incorporate their essence in the blueprint, then start implementing.

Then the less expensive route is a Course… and they come in many forms, print, video, audio, live events or a combination of one or more of them.  Some people sometimes call this a System.  If you’re an online marketer, you’ve probably purchased enough books courses in your search of how to grow the business,  that is enough to fill an entire 8 ft bookshelf like mine!

I spoke with a lot of people this weekend and some of them prefer to hire a Coach who will help pull out the creative genius inside of you, while some prefer to have a Consultant who will tell them exactly what to do, infusing your essence into the blueprint as necessary.

What was evident though was that most entrepreneurs I spoke with are tired of simply buying a course without any back-up training and support.

So my question to you is which of the “4 Cs For A Profitable Business” would you invest money in at this moment to help you grow your business? A Coach?  A Consultant? A Course?  A Combination of 1 or more?

If you answered a combination of one or more, I would like to check out

As a Social Media and Video Marketing and Branding Coach and Consultant for the past 2 years, I realize the importance of combining the “4 Cs For A Profitable Business” and I am proud to say that I am having a 2-day LIVE Event at the Hilton Hotel LAX in Los Angeles on Dec. 4 and 5.

For 2 days straight,  I will be your Coach and Consultant who will teach you a success proven course on V.I.P. Branding for Visibility, Influence and Profitability and I will teach you to effectively integrate all the social media marketing strategies you’re already doing.

I do want to hear from you on what your take is on the “4Cs for a Profitable Business”.  Which do you prefer?

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4 thoughts on “Do You Need A Coach, Consultant or A Course?

  1. Hi Emma,

    Great post and much needed in the information marketing industry. You are so spot on that people are tired of doing the “Do It Yourself” Courses without the support of “Done With You” Coaching.

    As a mentor and trainer of coaches, being a coachsultant is the highest value offering you can give and when you combine that with value added “Done for You” Services, you become the Go-To solution. This is where you see the 5 Figure VIP days.

    Sometimes, clients don’t know what they don’t know. The biggest challenge for clients often is they do not know what questions to ask or are unclear about what exactly is the problem. Understanding the solution is easy, most have a hard time understanding what the problem is.

    “If you know enough to ask the question, you know enough to find the solution.”

    Being general is a surefire way to drown in the sea of sameness.

    People are seeking specialized knowledge to save time and frustration from a consultant with the coaching to get themselves to do what they know. Not hiring a professional ends up costing you more time, more energy, and ultimately more money to not even get the results you want.

    If you are a service provider having 3 levels of pricing is beneficial to your target segmentation. Low – “Do It Yourself” Mid – “Done With You” High – “Done For You”

    Like Mercedes having a C-Class, E-Class, and S-Class. C-Class owners as they grow upgrade into E -Class and S-Class.

    “The World is Drowning in Information and Dying of Thirst for Wisdom. Be the Solution.”

    Thank you Emma for being the solution.

    To Your Genius,

    Eiji Morishita
    .-= Eiji Morishita´s last blog ..Demystifying Quick Decision Making =-.

  2. Emma, thanks for a great recap of the weekend. You summed up very nicely what we experienced there and what the purpose was.

    People are looking for real solutions and a solid plan for what to do. I spoke with a coaching client today who has poured over $25,000 into “developing” her business and yet she still has nothing concrete in place.

    Developing your “marketing funnel blueprint” as we did this past weekend is also developing much of your business plan. And, it’s a critical first step to success!

    Thanks again, it was fabulous to see you, as always!

    EXPECT Success!

    Jackie Ulmer
    .-= Jackie Ulmer´s last blog ..5 Tips for Making Quality Friend Connections on Facebook =-.

  3. Hi Emma: Really being enlighten in your Relational Marketing Secrets Seminar going on now. Appreciate the knowledge, now how to implement a bit at a time. Defining my biz passion, Crafting irresistible offers from my product, Developing my Process and Taking action to Promote are awesome . Now to do it! Finding mentor(s) and mastermind is a top to do for me. Thanks for what you have enlightened me with.

    Your friend,

    .-= arlan murata´s last blog ..How To Get A More Productive Day =-.

  4. Hello Arlan! The pleasure of enlightenment is all mine! Thank you for gracing my event with my presence and sharing your openness to learn and understand my teachings… I only teach what I have personally implemented and have produced success…

    Cheering You On, Arlan!

    Emma 😉