Do You Know What SUCCESS Looks Like?

I’m here in Austin with my Business Partner Stevi Sullivan and it’s our first day here in Austin, TX for our Magnetic Sponsoring Elite Mastermind with Mike Dillard.

It was a very exciting morning! Gary and Garrett took me to Long Beach Airport and as I sat at the waiting area, I suddenly missed them.  I was leaving again them again for the weekend to spend time Masterminding with a gentleman who started me off the right path to internet marketing, Mike Dillard.

Getting on my Jet Blue Flight In Long Beach, CA

It dawned on me that I am going back to where I was in June of 2008 when I first got introduced to Magnetic Sponsoring or the concept of being an “Alpha Networker”.  Prior to reading this book, I have always thought that for me to build a success online business I just need to sell.  I never understood what attraction marketing meant and I had no clue on what it meant to “brand myself as a leader”.

As I realized the sacrifices of time and money I had to make to come back to Austin, TX for this Mastermind, a thought dawned on me… I haven’t read Magnetic Sponsoring in months!  It was time to revisit it..

So, on my 2 1/2 hour flight from Long Beach, CA to Austin, TX, I immersed myself in reading Magnetic Sponsoring and Building On A Budget and Copywriter’s Guild (yes, if you click on the highlighted words it will direct you to live links that are affiliate links where I could potentially make some money if you purchase the course).  I wondered to myself, why did I not re-read these courses sooner? It would have saved me a lot of headaches! And if these courses did something so life changing for me, then I have a responsibility to share them with you, and here is the major epiphany:


I’ve always known that by holding back the resources we know could help others, we are doing our friends and our audience a disservice…

Emma Tiebens and Stevi Sullivan at Ironworks Barbeque

It was so amazing that there were nuggets in there that are so relevant still to this day and I read it from a different perspective…  A perspective with more certainty, more confidence, more clarity…

I then realized something…  Finally, after 2 years, I have actually become the ALPHA NETWORKER Mike described in the book and I was so ready to step into that greatness and get out of my own way!

Now, I don’t know the exact time I became one because I totally forgot what one looked like!

There was a surge of satisfaction that came over me with this realization.  I felt like somehow, I have arrived…

My question to you is “Do You Know What Success Looks Like?”  Success doesn’t necessarily mean money… it means different things to different people.

What does success mean to me?  It’s being in a position where I am capable of making a difference in entrepreneur’s lives.  Enabling them the share their life’s message, so they too can positively impact others and by doing so, getting paid in proportion to the value we contribute in the marketplace.

Take the time to answer the question… “What does SUCCESS look like for you?”  It is important you can somehow answer this question because if you don’t, success just might pass you by…

CLICK HERE For More Photos of Day 1 In Austin, Texas!

Cheering You On To Your Success!

Emma 😉

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