Do You Have A 20/20 Vision Board?

When you hear 20/20 vision, doesn’t that denote a perfect vision where you can see clearly with impeccable accuracy everything that is upclose and everything that is afar.  When you’re nearsighted, you can only see things that are upclose and if you’re  far sighted, well… you get the point.  Personally, I am near sighted so if I have to drive to go somewhere, I have to wear glasses.

Tonight, I attended our 7-yr old son’s Back To School Night and I absolutely love his teacher Mrs. Specht!  She was giving us a glimpse of how the year is going to be and what her expectations for the class in general and what we can expect from her.  It was picture perfect!  It was as if we can really see how much more mature and wiser our children will be at the end of the year!

As I sat there, I realized that what she just created was a “vision” for what the year is going to be and now, that will serve as a guide to make sure we’re right on target and that everything that was laid out will be accomplished.

I couldn’t help think of the Vision Board I created recently with my good friend Amy Schuber.  Thanks to ever so fabulous Bonnie Bruederer of – we had the tools to create a highly empowering Vision Board!  It has been barely a month since we created that board and by creating that, we have been more specific about our intentions and letting our Divine source know that this is what we will go after this year and we ask for blessings upon that desire.  

There were 3 things that already came to fruition from that Vision Board and I was beyond amazed!  One of them was a MacBook Pro that my husband gave me as a birthday gift!   As the visions become a reality, the more empowered I became to really focus on the other visions, prioritize them and there becomes a deep knowing clarity comes after commitment and I know the rest of the vision on that board will manifest very soon!  I believe that with all my heart because I have created a 20/20 Vision Board! I clearly see where I am now and I was specific on what I see in the future.

How about you?  Have you created your 20/20 Vision Board?  If not, what are you waiting for? This is where you don’t need an eye doctor to see a clear vision… you just need to go back to your dreams and remind yourself that you knew how to dream once.  As a child, you knew you wanted to have a house, travel, help causes, etc…

As we grew older, we realized that our dreams come with responsibility and commitment.  As we get older, we also tend to become more relaxed, complacent and we start accept things as they are and not how our Designer had intended for us to be which is to live a life of abundance!

Your Vision Board will allow you to dream again!  And as I’ve learned from Dani Johnson, it’s time to stop shrinking your dreams to fit the size of your income circle, rather see what’s possible and do whatever it takes to increase income circle to accommodate those dreams again!

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